This Temple In Thailand Is Now Without Monks After All Fail Drug Tests; Sent To Rehab

These monks have been sent to the medical facility for drug rehabilitation.

This Temple In Thailand Is Now Without Monks After All Fail Drug Tests; Sent To Rehab
Image Credit: Pexels

ACCORDING TO a local authority, a Buddhist monastery in central Thailand is now without monks after all of its holy men were defrocked for failing drug tests.

Boonlert Thintapthai, a district officer, spoke to AFP. An abbot and four monks at a temple in the Bung Sam Phan district of Phetchabun province tested positive for methamphetamine on Monday; the drug was stashed under the bed.

According to the officials, all of the monks have been transported to a medical facility for drug rehabilitation. The monks have left the temple, and the local people are worried they can't perform any merit-making, he said. Therefore, merit-monks entail believers giving food to monks as a good deed. The Boonlert claims that all monks will be dispatched to the temple so that the locals can fulfil their religious duties.

The monks then allegedly confessed to using and dealing drugs, telling the detectives that they had been doing both, according to the authorities. The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime claims that Thailand is a significant transit country for the methamphetamine that enters the country via Laos from Myanmar's unstable Shan State.

On the open market, pills are less than 20 baht (about Rs. 45.97). Authorities in Southeast Asia have recently recovered an extraordinary quantity of meth.

Who are Monks?

A man who has withdrawn himself from society and lives by himself in order to devote his entire life to religion is known as a monk. The Benedict identifies four categories of monks: coenobites, anchorites/hermits, sarabaites, and gyrovagues. He learns this from the Rule of the Master, who learned it from Cassian roughly a century prior.

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