New Delhi | Jagran News Desk:  An entertaining incident came forward in Tamil Nadu’s Thirukolur village, where a bride's entry was based on martial arts stunts with dangerous weapons. 22-year-old Nisha's relatives were amazed by her thrilling entry. People not only enjoyed her performance but this also conveyed the message of awareness among them. Nisha did her stunts in an open place, where her wedding was supposed to take place.

Nisha's mother Mani, encouraged her daughter to learn martial arts, the Tamil form of Silambam. According to Mani, it necessary for every woman to be well trained in martial arts, as these kinds of skills will help a woman to stay protected and fit.

Apart from her mother, Nisha's husband Rajkumar also seemed very supportive in this case, as he was the one who decided to keep martial arts stunts as the entry of the bride. This stunt not only entertained the guest but also persuaded them the importance of martial arts and especially the Silambam form.

Nisha performed various kinds of Silambam Adimurai with a long stick. Seeing Nisha dressed up in bridal attire along with her traditional jewellery and presenting the performance all the guests were astonished. Her martial arts performance was the showstopper of her wedding. To accompany Nisha her classmates also joined her.

She also did a  'Surul Vaal' (flexible sword) with such ease. The bride aspires to be a police officer and showed her gratitude towards her parents for supporting as well as encouraging her to learn the skill.

Nisha told India Today Television "I was encouraged by my parents and relatives to learn the art from a young age.” On the other hand, Nisha's husband said that it is very essential to create awareness among young women to learn martial arts and through an entertaining way it becomes more easy and interesting for people to show their attentiveness towards martial arts.



Posted By: Mallika Mehzabeen