Boss Feels Employee's 'Hey' On WhatsApp Is Offensive; Netizens Say It's 'Weird'

Boss gets offended as employee greets him with 'hey' on WhatsApp. Netizens find this conversation bizarre.

By Simran Srivastav
Sat, 02 Jul 2022 06:12 PM IST
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Boss Feels Employee's 'Hey' On WhatsApp Is Offensive; Netizens Say It's 'Weird'
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After the pictures of 'short and casual' resignation letter left netizens in splits, the internet is back to discuss another hilarious topic whether saying 'hey' to your boss is professional or not. A screenshot of the conversation between boss and employee recently went viral on social media, in which the boss gets offended after the employee writes 'hey' on WhatsApp. The screenshot was shared on Reddit and it has led to a debate about the professional office language.

The employee wrote 'hey' on WhatsApp while talking to his boss. In response, the boss said, "Hi Shreyas, My name is Sandeep. Please don’t use the word ‘hey'. It’s offensive for me”. 

He further said that the words like "Dude, Man, Chap and Chick" should not be used professionally. He wrote, "If you cannot remember my name, simply use 'Hi'. Other words you should never use professionally 'Dude', 'Man', only 'hello' if you not targeting a wide audience for in a mail, to senior to you 'chap', 'chick'."

In response, Shreyas wrote, "Considering that we are having a conversation over Whatsapp and ot over LinkedIn or a mail chain. I'm just being casual as you are texting me on my personal number. And coming to being professional I'm not the one being offended."

The boss then explained how WhatsApp is not a personal space anymore. He wrote, "WhatsApp is not personal space anymore, it has been used for business. I am not insisting on my ideology on you. If you understand it, fine; or you will understand sooner or later."

Netizens are quite confused after seeing these messages and wondering if this is professional or not. A few people told a similar story about their boss. A Redditor wrote, "I had a boss like this in India who insisted that we call him "Sir", while we were on a first-name basis with everyone else....We had a business casual dress code for work and nobody cared if you wore casuals to work, but he wanted everyone in a suit and tie....Of course, he couldn't understand why everyone on his team left so quickly after he joined."

One Redditor trolled the boss and commented, "Hey Sandeep, if you want professionalism, please don’t ever contact me on my personal WhatsApp number again."

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