New Delhi | Jagran Trending Desk: The space-bound capsule of Elon Musk's Tesla isn't called a Dragon for the matters of space fantasy. In fact, the legend of ‘fire cannot kill a dragon’ stands true for this remarkable space vehicle which brought two astronauts back to Earth on Sunday last week.

The two NASA astronauts who reached back home on Earth said that they felt as if they were in the ‘belly of a beast’ as they started coming downward inside Earth's atmosphere with an unprecedented speed of 1750 Miles Per Hour, news agency AFP reported.

"The atmosphere starts to make noise, you can hear that rumble outside the vehicle and as the vehicle tries to control, you feel a little bit of that shimmy in your body," Bob Behnkhen, 50, the Mission Commander said at a virtual press conference on Tuesday in the Houston city of Texas in the US.

Explaining the ride down home to Earth, the astronaut defined the whole bodily experience as ‘deafening’ and ‘bone jarring’. “Very much like getting hit in the back of the chair with a baseball bat, you know, just a crack," Behnken added.

The mission commanding duo Behnken and Doug Herley. Emphasising upon the six month stay in the International Space Station (ISS), the astronauts defined the stay as breathtaking and remarkable that will do wonders for the upcoming milestones NASA and SpaceX have envisioned in the immediate future.

It was the first such crewed US Space Mission since the Space shuttle era of NASA since 1970s. The space shuttle is likely to be inducted finally into the regular service. The astronauts said that the mission went smoothly and there were no surprises as such.

“The mission went just like the simulators, from start to finish, all the way there was really no surprises,” Hurley said. The next such SpaceX-NASA space voyage is slated to get off some time in 2021 on the same spacecraft.

Posted By: Talib Khan