New Delhi | Jagran Trending Desk: A bizarre case of animal menace came to light in Uttar Pradesh's Shahabad town in Rampur district where a monkey was seen throwing money in the air. The incident happened after a monkey snatched an advocate's bag containing Rs. 2 lakh and threw away nearly Rs. 1 lakh in the air.

The incident caught the attention of people and soon after a huge crowd was gathered who hooted and clapped as the monkey threw the money in the air. Advocate Vinod Kumar Sharma pleaded with people to return the money and after a lot of convincing, people helped Kumar to collect the money. After struggling for 30 minutes Kumar was able to collect Rs. 95,000. However, there were no traces of the rest.

Few people who were there in the crowd recorded the video and shared it on social media and since then the video is making rounds over different social media platforms.

Sharma, as quoted by the Times of India said, "I got the shock of my life when the monkey snatched my bag and climbed on the neem tree. There was Rs 2 lakh in the bag, which I had taken from a client for stamps. The monkey then took out two bundles of Rs. 50,000 each from the bag and threw the bag."

"When we tried to chase it, it climbed on the top branch of the tree and started showering money. I was helplessly watching and requesting people to return the money. I managed to get back Rs. 95,000 from people. I don't blame anyone for the remaining Rs. 5,000, at least people were trying to help me. I have not filed any complaints," he added.

A similar incident took place in Budaun district back in 2019 when two monkeys snatched a bag from a woman's hand and threw the money in the air.

Posted By: Mallika Mehzabeen