New Delhi | Jagran Trending DeskSeveral videos are doing rounds all over the internet with Indians talking about the miraculous benefits of cow dung and urine. Now a doctor has also come forward and claimed the same.

In a viral video widely circulating over the internet, a doctor identified as Dr. Manoj Mittal according to media reports can be seen eating cow dung. His Twitter profile says that he is an MBBS MD and is a child specialist in the Karnal district of Haryana.

In the video, he first picks up the cow dung from the ground and puts it in his mouth. While he seemed to enjoy eating the cow dung, he states that there are many benefits of eating and drinking cow’s dung and urine. He further said that women should eat cow dung for normal delivery, and if they eat it, they will never have to go for a cesarean. Dr. Mittal also said that his mother used to eat cow dung and that is the reason why she was able to give birth to eight kids and that too by normal delivery.

Jagran English could not independently verify the authenticity of this video

"Every part of Panchagavya obtained from the cow is very valuable for mankind. See, if we eat cow dung, then our body and mind become pure. Our soul becomes pure. Once it enters our body, it purifies our body," he said.

The video has gained several reactions from netizens, who raised questions on the video and Dr. Mittal's claims. At the same time, some people are agreeing with the words of the doctor.

"Indian Medical council should take note of this and cancel his license for practicing medical profession. As a pediatrician, he should not prescribe gobar to small innocent kids," wrote one user. "Oh my God. I am short of words," posted another. Here are some reactions:

Posted By: Sugandha Jha