New Delhi | Jagran Trending Desk: In one of the most freakish incident, a family in Miyaganj village in Uttar Pradesh’s Kannauj district, cooked and dined a ‘ganja (weed) sabzi’ thinking it was fenugreek (methi).

According to media reports, the vegetable seller sold weed (ganja) instead of fenugreek (methi) to a local, who was identified as Nitesh. The buyer did not immediately recognise the dubious vegetable and returned home after which his sister cooked the meal.  

As per reports, Nitesh’s (buyer) sister Pinki, cooked the meal at 4 pm and the family of six ate the ‘ganja sabzi’ at 5 pm in the evening. Soon after eating the meal, the health of all the family members started deteriorating.

They somehow managed to call their neighbours who immediately called the doctors, but soon the entire family fainted before the doctor arrived. The neighbours then alerted the police after which the family was taken to a hospital.

After the police got the information of the incident, they started investigating and found cooked weed (ganja) sabzi in the cooker and also found the packet of uncooked weed. They immediately seized both cooked and uncooked weed.

After interrogation, the police also detained the vegetable seller, who reportedly told the police that he sold ‘ganja’ in place of fenugreek (methi) as a joke and no personal reason was behind this incident. The police said that a case will be registered after a complaint is filed.

Earlier in May, during the coronavirus-mandated lockdown, a 25-year-old man was arrested by Chennai Police, who worked as a delivery agent, for allegedly selling weed packets to people under the guise of delivering food. A police officer said that he took advantage of his uniform and went about the city peddling the contraband in the delivery box meant for keeping food.

Posted By: Talib Khan