New Delhi | Jagran Trending Desk: In a strange event, a monkey has emerged as a villain. The monkey filled with vengeance has travelled 22 kilometers to take revenge on a man. The man in fear of another attack hasn't come out of his house for the past 8 days. It is in the nature of monkeys to roam and snatch things or do mischievous things. But this monkey of the Bonnet Macaque species is a little more dramatic.

A young monkey in the neighborhood of Kottigehara village of Chikkamagalur district in Karnataka was doing his usual strolling and snatching, near a school. Eventually, the monkey started making more chaos and the school authorities had to register a complaint in the forest department to trap the monkey, suggests a report by News 18.

In order to trap the hyperactive monkey, the forest department had to call reinforcements and one of them was an auto driver named Jagdish. The auto driver Jagadish was given the task to tease the monkey and to divert it in a particular direction. The monkey suddenly jumped towards him and attacked him.

After the biting the monkey wasn't finished as when the auto driver tried to run, the monkey chased him. The driver took shelter in his auto-rickshaw but the roguish monkey went ahead and scratched the seat covers of the auto instead.

After a 3 hour shenanigan, the monkey was entrapped by a group of more than 30 people. Later the forest department took the monkey out of the city and left it in the Balur forest which is 22 kilometers away.

After some days the monkey was back into the village from the Balur forest, which clearly meant he traveled 22 kilometers to get there. Since then, the auto driver was too scared to even come out of his house.

“I felt a chill go down my spine when I heard that the monkey is back in the village. I called the forest department myself and asked them to rush immediately. I haven’t gone out of my hiding. I know it is the same monkey because we all saw a mark on his ear last time and my friend said the villagers noticed it” said Jagdish, reported News 18.

“We really don’t know why the monkey targeted one man. We don’t know if he had caused any harm to the animal previously or was it just an immediate reaction. But, this is the first time we have seen a monkey behaving like this though monkeys attacking humans are not unheard of,” said Mohan Kumar BG, Range Forest Officer, Mudigere.

However, the forest department has trapped the monkey again has sent it to a far-off forest.

Posted By: Ashita Singh