New Delhi | Jagran Trending Desk: In the list of quintessential items for household, Balenciaga has added its newly launched bag for fetching groceries. Wired right? But this is what Balenciaga gets for selling a red-white check bag which looks similar as every-Indian household shopping bags or ' Thailas'. Not only the looks but what is even more shocking is, its very expensive price. Yes, Balenciaga is selling shopping bags for a whopping price of Rs 1.5 lakh.

Recently, an social micro blogging site user noticed this big shopping bags from Balenciaga's latest collection which left him confused. As the post went viral, netizens have gone crazy and are trolling the bags with most funny comments. The price of these bags have gone viral.


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Balenciaga has put up its Barbes East- West Shopper Bags on its website. The price of the bags is between $1,950 to $2090. This rectangle bag is very similar to totes which we use to often carry groceries from the market.

Indian netizens have reacted to the bag in most comical way comparing it to 'Pishvi'. One internet user commented, "TIL I have four Balenciaga bags at home," while other wrote,"papa sabzi laate hai isme." 

While other reacted and wrote," I think either my aaji is secretly a Balenciaga designer or they just flat out stole designs."

The banter were not limited to us Indians but people from other countries too participated for reacting to its oh so high price. One such internet user wrote, "balenciaga is out there selling these carrier bags for over a grand when us asians have been using them for years for like less than a pound!!."

Every now and then, one such luxurious brands keep getting trolled for selling their products in a very high price or over its look. Internet users never leaves a chance to bash these brands for their sky high prices for their minimalist products. An Indian designer, who recently collaborated with H&M was trolled for selling granny's saree at H&M at a price of Rs10,000.

Posted By: Ashita Singh