New Delhi | Jagran Trending Desk: Baba Ka Dhaba owner, Kanta Prasad, who became famous overnight last year after his video went viral on social media, has returned back to the old roadside eatery in South Delhi’s Malviya Nagar- from where he began. Baba’s new restaurant which he managed to open with the donation received from the public has flopped amid the Covid-19 lockdown. Here’s what happened.

Last year, YouTuber Gaurav Wasan shared the video of Baba and his wife Badaami Devi struggling to make a living in their roadside eatery. The video went viral on the internet and hundreds of people lined up in front of Baba’s small shop to eat food, donate money, and click selfies with the couple. Even food delivery service, Zomato, listed Baba’s eatery on its website.

With the help of all the donations received from people, Kanta Prasad was able to settle all his debts and open a new restaurant. However, the restaurant flopped in February amid the COVID-19 lockdown imposed in Delhi. Now, baba is once again back to where he began.

“The daily footfalls at our Dhaba have declined because of the ongoing Covid lockdown, and our daily sales have come down from ?3,500 before the lockdown to ?1,000 now. The income is not sufficient for our family of eight." Kanta Prasad told Times of India.

Prasad had invested Rs 5 lakh to open the new restaurant and also hired three workers. Reportedly, the average monthly income from the restaurant never crossed 40,000. Of the total investment, the couple has been able to recover only 36,000 by selling the utensils, chairs, and cooking machines of the restaurant. Prasad had to bear all the losses by himself.

Earlier, Kanta Prasad has also filed a cheating complaint against Gaurav Wasan who helped him to gain fame. Prasad alleged that Wasan and his associates misappropriated the money received from donations.

Posted By: Talibuddin Khan