New Delhi| Jagran News Desk| Animals are so adorable and now there are number of videos on internet that proves our point. A video of giant alligator feeling embarrassed after he fails to catch his food is doing rounds on the internet and is making everyone go Aww Shucks!

The video is shared by Christopher Gillette who wanted to make some amazing video of Seven the alligator but ended up making an awwdorable video.

Christopher is a wildlife biologist at Florida's Everglades Holiday Park, he recently shared a video on his Instagram. The video shows, Seven the alligator trying to catch the food and it came as surprise and embarrassment for him.

Christopher said in his caption, "How cute is Seven fumbling the chicken and getting embarrassed! He's so adorable," wrote Mr Gillette. "@gabbynikolle and I were feeding him and trying to make a cool impressive video with the big gator and instead it became an adorable one."


The caption also gave important information about alligators and their skin colour. It read, “This video is from last year but has recently gained popularity! You’ll notice Seven is green in this video, that’s just an algae accumulation from the pump being broken that week, it’s totally normal and does not affect the gators in any way. They have it in the wild all the time. But it does bring up the point, there are actually NO GREEN GATORS!! even though they’re portrayed green in every cartoon and animation, they do not have green skin! Black, gray, yellows, oranges in their patterns, but no green. The only green you’ll see is from algae like this (sic).”


Watch the video:

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A post shared by Christopher Gillette (@gatorboys_chris) onAug 28, 2020 at 9:31am PDT

One of the user said that, "It’s so cute to think that such a massive dangerous creature could feel embarrassed though cuz he didn't catch his chicken."

Another user said, "Awe Seven got embarrassed ! I didn't think alligators get embarrassed !! I felt bad for him !"

Posted By: Deeksha Sharma