New Delhi | Jagran Trending Desk: The detection of two cases of new COVID-19 Variant 'Omicron' in India has created a fresh wave of panic and mess on social media. As per the health ministry, India has detected its first two cases of the Omicron coronavirus variant, both in the southern state of Karnataka. Detection of the deadly variant in India has raised many questions about the government's action plan to tackle the virus also, it has created a scare in the people.

The health ministry said that the Omicron variant can be five times more infectious than the other known variants of the novel coronavirus. They also mentioned that so far the new, more infectious variant has been detected in 29 countries where 377 cases have been diagnosed with the Omicron variant.

People are scared and confused about what to do next? Are vaccines enough or do we need booster shots as well? Is there going to be lockdown again, all these and many other questions have flooded the social media handle on Thursday.

Amid all this, Netizens who have had enough of the virus and lockdown and related things have taken to Twitter and have started posting their reactions, the emergence of the Omicron variant in India has triggered a meme fest online.

Take a look at some of our favourite memes here:

Variants waiting and next in line be like

Get us more vaccines

Let us tell you, that WHO has termed the variant as a 'variant of concern' and on Wednesday they announced a list of 23 countries where the variant has already been detected. Now, India has also been added to the list, which also contains countries like South Africa, the UK, Japan, South Korea, US and others.

After the detection of the first-ever variant in South Africa, many countries including India had announced curbs on international travel and banned several flights to 'at-risk countries.

India had added several countries to the list from where travellers would need to follow additional measures on arrival in the country, including post-arrival testing for infection.

Posted By: Ashita Singh