New Delhi | Jagran Trending Desk: Mahindra Group Chairman Anand Mahindra is well known for sharing videos from across the globe showing people using creative and innovative techniques. Once again, a smart innovation has caught the eye of the industrialist.

Taking to Twitter, Mahindra shared a video showing farmers using a motorcycle’s rear wheel for removing corn’s kernels. The industrialist wrote that while he frequently receives clips showing the farming community creatively using bikes and tractors into multi-tasking machines, this is one such application he would “never have dreaded of”.

“I constantly receive clips showing how creatively our farming communities turn bikes & tractor into multi-tasking machines. Here’s one application I never would have dreamed of. Maybe @continentaltire should have a special brand named ‘Corntinental?’” Mahindra tweeted. Watch the video here: 


Mahindra does not shy away from sharing his thoughts with his followers on Twitter. Earlier this month, the industrialist had share a video showing an innovating way of milking a cow using a tractor without human intervention.

“People keep sending me clips of how our tractors are used as 'multi-tasking' beasts of burden in rural areas. This one was a new one for me. Can the non-engineers amongst you figure out what essentially they have rigged out here?” Mahindra asked his followers on Twitter.

Back in April, the industrialist had shared a video of an e-rickshaw driver who had compartmentalised his vehicle in such a manner that the passengers could maintain physical distance.

Posted By: Lakshay Raja