New Delhi | Jagran Trending Desk: An ‘all-pet’ private jet will soon reunite stranded pets in Delhi with their parents in Mumbai. As the nationwide lockdown left innumerable people across the country stranded due to suspension of all modes of transport, several pets were left behind as their owners had to rush to their hometowns in an emergency.

The initiative to reunite the pets to their owners is taken up by 25-year-old Deepika Singh, a cybersecurity researcher in Mumbai.

In the pet-loving culture, people are more affectionate towards animals than humans. And because of the Covid-19 pandemic, many pet owners had to leave their pets to fly to their hometowns.

Deepika told ThePrint that her relatives were stranded in Delhi and she had arranged a jet to bring them back, but some of them were not willing to travel with pets. This led to the idea of an ‘all-pet’ private jet.

“Some people wanted to travel with their pets but when the others refused, I decided to arrange for another jet,” she told ThePrint.

She approached Accretion Aviation, an aggregator of private jets, helicopters and yachts, for a six-seater plane. The entire plane costs Rs 9.06 lakh, with each seat costing Rs 1.60 lakh.

“I contacted Accretion Aviation, a private company. They agreed to give a plane for pets. Till now, four people have agreed to bring their pets from Delhi to Mumbai,” Deepika added.

Rahul Muchchal is the owner of the Accretion Aviation, a company which provides air charters, air ambulance, helicopters, helicopter city tours and Yacht services in more than 20 cities across India.

So far, four people have signed up to have their pets travel from Delhi to Mumbai in the chartered plane. The passengers that have been signed up for the flight so far include two Shih Tzus, one Golden Retriever and one Lady Pheasant bird.

The flight will take off in the second week of June. Rahul Muchhal told Mirror that the COVID-19 protocol will be followed for pets as well as their human handlers.

Posted By: Talib Khan