New Delhi | Jagran Trending Desk: Every day is different with new sightings. Netizens on Sunday woke up to an unbelievable view of an Air India plane stuck underneath foot over a bridge. The incident happened in the nation's capital Delhi. The video went viral on Twitter leaving many confused.

As when it comes to planes they are supposed to be in the air or parked at the airport. The clip of this plane on the road is talk of the day. In the video, an Air India carrier without wings was seen plunged under the foot over the bridge. It is halfway through the bridge, however, the latter part of the plane got stuck, as cars and other vehicles passed by. This unusual sight was caught on the Delhi-Gurugram highway at night.

Watch the video here:

The clip had been crazily shared on the internet as many Twitteratis were confused. Many offered their precious advice on how to pull the aircraft out as one wrote, " Decrease some air of tires," while others made fun of the whole situation.

"Aaj plane tera bhai chalaega, " commented one internet user while the other wrote, "What's funny is the guy who bought the plane is transporting it by truck and am sure if he buys trucks will transport them by air."

See some reactions here:

However, soon after the video went viral on the microblogging sites, the aircraft company clarified that the aircraft was deregistered and scrapped and the incident happened when the buyer of the plane was transporting it off. “Air India has got no connection whatsoever with the aircraft under any circumstances,” the airline company said.

A similar situation has happened before in the year 2019 in West Bengal where an aircraft got stuck while getting transported on a truck.

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Posted By: Ashita Singh