New Delhi | Jagran Trending Desk: All hail Grace. No, we aren't talking about any queen but a new robot! Yes, you read that right, after the AI robot Sophia, a new robot named Grace has been designed.

This robot has been created by the same Hong Kong team which worked on Sophia. Unlike Sophia, Grace is dedicated for healthcare in order to help as the frontline worker during COVID-19 pandemic. 

"Grace's resemblance to a healthcare professional and capacity for social interaction is aimed at relieving the burden of front-line hospital staff overwhelmed during the pandemic," said founder David Hanson.

She has Asian looks and her overall avatar includes blue uniform like nurses. She is equipped with a thermal camera in her chest to measure one's temperature and apart from that she has been designed to speak to the elderly people those who have been isolated amidst COVID-19. 

The robot is designed to interact in three languages which are English, Mandarin and Cantonese. Apart from that, she even uses artificial intelligence to diagnose a patient.

Grace who is there in creator Hanson Robotics' Hong Kong workshop, told the leading daily Reuters, "I can visit with people and brighten their day with social stimulation ... but can also do talk therapy, take bio readings and help healthcare providers."

Grace has 48 facial muscles and a comforting demeanor to look like anime character and a fusion of western and asian.  

David Hanson said, "A human-like appearance facilitates trust and natural engagement because we are wired for human face-to-face interactions." 

The makers have plans to deploy Grace in Hong Kong, China, Japan and Korea by next year.  

A communicology professor at the University of Hawaii named  Kim Min-Sun said that Grace has come when there is an urgent need of health care robots amidst the pandemic. 

And people who are stuck at home during lockdowns, have suffered mentally, therefore, they will get help through the healthcare robots. 

"If they can get help through the deployment of these social robots in intimate settings, certainly it will have a positive impact on society," she said.

Posted By: Sanyukta Baijal