New Delhi | Jagran Trending Desk: A few days ago a picture surfaced in which several Afghan women were seen wearing face veils and were covered head-to-toe in an event. After an image surfaced, internet users flooded the social media sites by commenting and re-sharing the picture multiple times.

In the Photo, Women are wearing a face veil, and all covered up are seen sitting in a University Hall and supporting the Taliban's POV on women's dress-up.

In the event, women speakers spoke in favor of the country's new leaders, before taking to the streets for a pro-Taliban rally with banners proclaiming, in English, "We don't want co-education" and "we are satisfied with the attitude and behavior of Mujahideens."

According to a news Agency, "Around 300 Afghan women attended the event at the Shaheed Rabbani Education University in Kabul on Sunday in support of the Taliban's hardline policies on gender segregation."

In the event, one women speaker said, "We are against those women who are protesting on the streets, claiming they are representative of women," while another said "Is it the freedom to like the last government? No, it is not freedom. The last government was misusing women. They were recruiting women just by their beauty."

The images of the pro-Taliban women have sparked a debate about personal choice and freedom and Internet users have several opinions on them.

People from across the world are confused about women's mindset in the Taliban captured Nation. Some internet users are angry about how these women can support the Taliban's point of view while other women are protesting the ban on being forced to wear Niqab and face veils in the country.

One internet user commented, "They're not being ALLOWED to dress HOW they want to dress and how they DRESSED just a few months ago. Not even going to mention HOW free Afghan women were in the 60s and 70s. Being forced to wear overhead Abaya and Niqab with Eye Veil is the subjugation of those women."

Meanwhile, some are slamming these women for supporting the Taliban's ideology and sabotaging other women's right to wear clothes of their choice. What are your thoughts on this shocking act of support from Afghan women to the Taliban? Do share.

Posted By: Ashita Singh