New Delhi | Jagran Trending Desk: The accidental crossing with comfort becomes a routine sooner before you realise, because who hates comfort after all. The previous sentence became the much-talked-about backing behind a cute animal video which recently went viral on social media.

In a video posted by a Twitter handle @anshulmishra555, a 2004-batch IAS officer, two children in their single-digit aged years volunteer to scratch the back of a raccoon.

At a point, both of them stop, and just at that instant, raccoon points towards the spot where the children were scratching a moment ago. The insistence pushes both the children to repeat what they were doing before, and at every moment they stop scratching raccoon's back, the creature points back again telling the children to start over.

"This is how accidental preferences become systemic privileges!," the video was captioned. 

While some found it ‘the cutest thing seen on the internet’, others came up with multiple interpretations of the viral video, with respect to the caption posted. "That’s how care becomes an entitlement," wrote a user.

“In office also if you give some concession to employees that becomes a privilege. Very nice video.,” wrote another user.

“Reminds me of King Julian "Peel those grapes Maurice.",” read another interpretation.

The viral video so-far has been viewed over Forty-six thousand times with close to four thousand seven hundred likes. People continue to equate the scenes videoed upon with their daily life struggles and routines with respect to currently relevant discourse. The display of animalistic tendencies of transitioning accidental comforts has raised the curiosity standards on social media quite remarkably, with the viral video continuing to gain traction on various social media platform.

Posted By: Talib Khan