New Delhi | Jagran Trending Desk: We live in a world of innovation, and giving new twists to food is nowadays common and practiced by many. But the trend of this innovative food has gone beyond imagination and has reached the level of bizarreness.

After witnessing many weird Maggi combos and butter-chicken golgappas recipes now, South Indian dish Idli is up for a twist. Yes, you heard right! We here will introduce you to the all-new 'Idli Ice-cream' with dips. In the latest, chefs have given this new twist to the simple plain rice Idli and have converted it into a popsicle with a stick.

The recent Idli makeover has gone viral on the internet and has left netizens and food lovers divided. In the viral images,  idli shaped like a popsicle with a stick is placed on a plate and served with coconut chutney and Sambhar.

As per a netizen, the new fusion is originated from Bengaluru and sharing the picture the netizen wrote, "Innovative food technology of how the Idli got attached to the Ice cream stick. Bengaluru and its food innovations are always synonymous!"

The picture of the food is doing rounds on the internet and has started a debate over the microblogging platform. TMC leader, Dr. Shashi Tharoor noticed the Idli- popsicle innovation and shared his thoughts on it. As he wrote, "absurd but practical!"

The idli- ice cream is practical for Dr. Shashi Tharoor many supports his point as one internet user commented, "What an idea!! and 2nd user wrote, "Wow! This is creativity."

Meanwhile, many netizens disagree as they like the traditional-plain Idli and do not want it to be changed. Many micro-blogging site users have slammed the innovator for ruining the dish. As one Twitter user said, "For heaven’s sake leave it alone, Dose is already messed up with so-called creativity and now u want to spoil this as well."

Another commented, "People from the other side are trying to save the trees and finding alternatives, here these guys are wasting those sticks unnecessarily in the name of creativity!"

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Posted By: Ashita Singh