New Delhi | Jagran Trending Desk: In a video gone viral, famous hairstylist Jawed Habib sparked a controversy after he was caught spitting on a woman's head. The video that surfaced on Twitter has made netizens furious.

In the video, in a training seminar in Uttar Pradesh’s Muzaffarnagar, a woman is seen sitting on a salon chair on the stage and Jawed can be seen cutting her hair and giving hair care tips. But what he did while sharing a tip has caught everyone's attention and left many disgusted.

In the video, Jawed after spitting on the woman's head jokingly said that there is power in his spit.

Watch the Video here:

"Mere baal gande hain. Gande kyun hain? Kyunki shampoo nahi lagaya hai (My hair are dirty. Why are they dirty? Because I have not used shampoo)," Habib uttered in the video.

He continued and said, "Dhyan se suno... Agar pani ki kami hai na (Listen carefully... If you don't have water)," Habib says and then spits on the woman's head. He adds, "Abe is thook me jaan hai (Hey, this spit has life)."

After experiencing such shame and humiliation on the stage amid a large public gathering the woman in the chair taking to her social media shared a video and described how Jawed misbehaved with her.

Pooja Gupta who hails from Baraut said in a video, "My name is Pooja Gupta, I have a parlour named Vanshika beauty parlour and I reside in Baraut. Yesterday I attended a Jawed Habib seminar. But during the event, he invited me on the stage for a haircut and misbehaved. He showed, how if you do not have water for a haircut, spit can also be used."

She added, "Maine vo haircut nahi karaya. Mai apne gali ke nukkad ke naai se baal katwa lung par kabhi Jawed Habib se nahi. (I did not get the haircut. I'll get a haircut from a roadside hairdresser but not Jawed Habib)."

Meanwhile, Tweeples have bashed the hairstylist for his misconduct as one user wrote, "Absolutely disgusting. And who are those people clapping? Really? REALLY?"

Another commented, "These celebrities think no end of themselves....I wish he had spitted on each one of those in the audience who laughed."

Posted By: Ashita Singh