New Delhi | Jagran Trending Desk: Not just the private or government offices have resorted to work from home during this coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdown, but the Indian judiciary has also started its working through online modes. Virual hearing, which started taking place when the country was under a lockdown, has so far been a interesting medium for both the judges and the lawyers. However, many instances have been reported where the lawyers failed to maintain the decorum of the court, which resulted in a heated response from the judge.

From a lawyer appearing in a vest to a senior advocate smoking hookah during a virtual hearing of the Rajasthan High Court, the online judicial hearings have witnessed some most bizarre moments during these work from home times. Now in another bizarre incident during a virtual hearing, a lawyer on Tuesday asked a Supreme Court judge, "Kaun bol rahe ho bhai (Who are you, brother)?" leading to a dramatic situation in the virtual hearing.

The bizarre situation occurred before a bench headed by Justice Uday U Lalit after proceedings that were being conducted through video-conferencing were disrupted due to technical issues. Due to the issues, the bench asked the staff to get the lawyer on the phone to continue the hearing. After which, the call was made and the lawyer picked up. As the lawyer was on the loudspeaker, Justice Lalit asked him several questions relating to the case.

As Justice Lalit did his part and was done questioning the lawyer, the answer which came was, however, not expected.

The lawyer, who was bombarded with several questions failed to identify the caller and replied, "Bhai sahab, aapne bahut sawal kar liya. Ab aap mere ek sawal ka jawab dijiye: aap kaun bol rahe hain? Kaun bol rahe ho bhai? (Brother, you have asked me too many questions. Now it is your turn to answer one: who are you?)"

This hilarious reply left Justice Lalit baffled and the staff was left with nothing to say. The Judge then asked the staff if they informed the lawyer about where the call was being made to him. After which the staff members apologised and they moved on to their next case.

However, this is not the first time where a case like this happened as in August, a video went viral in which a senior advocate was smoking hookah during a virtual hearing of the Rajasthan High Court. In the video, advocate Rajeev Dhavan holding a sheaf of papers in front of his face and some smoke escaping from the side was caught on the camera.

Posted By: Deeksha Sharma