New Delhi| Jagran Trending Desk: If we ask you to tell us one thing that you love the most? Your possible answer could be 'Privacy', but it looks like people do not want it anymore. Well, we are not just cooking this up, we have proof. Recently, a house in Boston, US that has doorless and wallless bathrooms has been sold at an amount of Rs 6.5 Crore. Yes, you read that right. This house that is filled with aesthetics and has most of the things in it, misses one of the most important things, that is privacy.

The outside of the house has a picturesque design and it looks beautiful, but if you explore a little, you will see that there is no door or wall in the bathroom of this house.

It is a three-storeyed house and it has four bedrooms, three bathrooms, several balconies, wooden flooring, and a large parking space. But, wait, if you are already falling for this house, let us remind you again that it does not have walls and doors in one of its bathrooms.

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The bathroom that has no walls has a specification like a side clear glass partition from the basin to the commode.

The pictures of this house were shared on the Instagram account of Zillow Gone Wild. The page shared the photos of the house with the caption that read, "This takes the open concept to a whole new level. $899,000. 4 bd, 3 ba. 2,001 sf. Link in bio. 🏡 via many of u zillionaires"

As soon as the picture was shared on this page, it went viral and netizens started reacting to it. One of the users wrote, "A TV as entertainment is so 2020. Watching the family Shit/Shower/& Shave is the new HULU."

Another user wrote, "President of the I Hate Walls club"

Yet another wrote, "You fart in one room and it echoes through the whole house....magic"

The picture of this house has so far garnered 32,193 likes, at the time of writing this article.

Posted By: Deeksha Sharma