New Delhi | Jagran Trending Desk: These days Twitter has everything, every detail, every news, and more, and now it seems Twitter has cracked Rapper/Singer Badshah's song-making, all within 2 minutes and simple steps. A Twitter user on Monday shared a video with the caption 'How to make Badshah songs in 2 minutes'.

Badshah is one of the most famous names currently in the singing Industry. He has certainly given many hits including, Jugnu, Mercy, Paani Paani, and others. But it seems, this young lad has got the secret recipe of his hits.

In the video, Anshuman Sharma shared tips on how to compose a song like Badshah and shred some steps to write a song. To write a hit song, just think how much you want to party or a lot party then think of a girl with whom you want to party with and write about her.

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In the third step, the vlogger mentioned "Play some chords" and then 'Add funky beat' followed by a synth bass. In the next step, he said to think like you want entry in a club but you are scared of your parents. For the next step, 'Put Brass' and get inspired by DJ snake songs.

Here, in 8 simple steps, a Badshah song is ready for you to play. The video is getting crazy viral on Twitter that even Badshah himself had to notice.

Taking to Twitter, singer Badshah wrote, " I swear he almost cracked it." He mentioned how Anshuman seems to have cracked the formula for a Badshah Hit. To which Anshuman replied, "Ayee from the man himself".

Netizens are also liking the formulas they have showered the post with almost 65.3 K views and several likes and re-Tweets. The song created by the vlogger nearly matches Badshah's songs and Twitterati are stunned with the similarities.

As one user termed it as "legendary stuff" meanwhile one other commented, " Have to admit although it's trash it's catchy trash."And a third wrote, "the sad part is... this parody track sounds more mastered and well mixed than the regular Badshah release."

This is not the first time, this vlogger has attempted to crack someone's music earlier too, Anushuman had posted a video 'How to make Ritviz songs in 2 minutes and cracked the song-making technique of Udd Gaye and Sage fame Ritviz.

Posted By: Ashita Singh