Best Skateboards in India: Top Picks for Beginners & Professionals

Best Skateboards in India: Skateboarding is one of the fun-loved outdoor activities. There are so many skateboards available in the market to explore but check out the top picks for beginners and professionals here. The prices of these skateboards in India are updated as of 22nd September 2022.

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Updated: Sat, 24 Sep 2022 09:50 PM IST
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Best Skateboards in India: Top Picks for Beginners & Professionals
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Best Skateboards in India: It is one of the best ways to spend some time outdoors especially in parks as you will get space reserved for skateboarding to ensure safety. There are a wide range of skateboards available in the market and if you are a beginner or an intermediate-level player, then here are the top picks for the best skateboard in India and more sports equipment here

Check out these all-time best skating boards here that are best for beginners, intermediate, and professional levels. They are made with the best quality wooden board with high-performance brakes. Select the best one from here. 

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Best Skateboards in India

Check out the best skateboard brands in India for you or for your kids here that are made with the best quality and suitable for beginners to professionals. 

Strauss Bronx Skateboard for Beginners


Strauss skateboard is made with a high-quality carbon ball bearing for a smooth ride and it has PU wheels with ABEC 7 precision bearings which fit great for this kind of trick. These 31 x 8 standard skateboards use a double kick concave design which offers better balance control to starters and is easy to use brakes. 

It has anti-slip emery sandpaper, matching with a classic double kick concave design provides you with safe riding and better control, and also helps you master new tricks easily. One of the best skateboards in India. Strauss skateboard price: Rs 1,299

Jaspo Dragon Fire Fiber Skateboard

Jaspo skateboard

This Jaspo skateboard is made with high-quality fiber material for long-lasting durability. It is one of the safest skateboards for beginners and advanced users. It features easy braking which makes it ideal for any skill-level skater. This Jaspo skateboard is available in a lightweight design with a weight of only 500 grams and a size of 22.83 inches. 

It comes with washable pads and cushioned strap for increased comfort. Jaspo skateboard price: Rs 1,849

VAGHASIYA SALES ® Portable Skateboard

Vaghasiya skateboard

This skateboard for kids is multi-color and available in spiderman design. The size of this skateboard is 17 inches and it can bear a max weight of 100 kg. The board is constructed with flexible and durable plywood that offers solid and reliable support for beginners. 

It is loaded with high-quality tear-resistant fiber wheels which is ideal for children, teens, and adults.  It is easy enough to ride for you, making you enjoy skateboarding even more. Vaghasiya skateboard price: Rs 699

Leona Enterprise Portable Skateboard

Leona skateboard

This Leona skateboard is made with high-quality, tear-resistant fiber wheels that bump and create a comfortable and safe riding experience. It is built with a compact and strong body which is designed to be fun to ride and lightweight to carry around. 

It is available with cool graphics and is the best durable skateboard on our list. It is best for beginners, intermediate level, and expert levels too.  Leona skateboard price: Rs 699

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