Best Cricket Bats in India (2022-2023 Edition)

Best Cricket Bats in India: A bit Confused to choose a Cricket Bat? Get familiar with the best cricket bats in India here that are made with English and Kashmir Willows. Select as per your budget and size.

Best Cricket Bats in India (2022-2023 Edition)
Best Cricket Bats in India | Image Source: Unsplash

Best Cricket Bats in India: Cricket is one of the most loved sports in India and it has been gaining popularity worldwide extremely fast. Most teens play cricket and our cricketing legends Sachin Tendulkar, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, and Virat Kholi make it more engaging and evolve us, and love to watch them. Not only watching, but we also love to play cricket and it is necessary for a top class cricket bat. 

If you are looking for the best cricket bat in India, check out these top picks that we have mentioned. These cricket bats are made with English Willow and Kashmir Willow, these woods are the best in class, and most of the national and international cricket players use these cricket bats. Select the top cricket bat for playing all of your favorite shots with ease.  

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How To Choose A Cricket Bat?

Choosing the right Cricket Bat is one of the most important decisions that you made. The market is full of reputed brands, but there is a sole criterion for choosing a bat.  The type of wood, the bat's weight, and the bat's size are the most important things to check before buying. 

Types of Wood to Make The Best Cricket Bat in The World

The Kashmir and English Willow bats are the top-selling wooden bats and check out for detailed information about them. 

Kashmir Willow Bats 

The willow term is used for the sweet sound and shape of the bat, these bats are less expensive as compared to English ones.  The Kashmir willow bar can be used for rough usage and it has been used in national and international tournaments. Our legend Sachin Tendulkar used the Kashmir willow Bat in Live Cricket matches.  

English Willow Bats 

It is one of the finest woods available to make a bat and the majority of professional cricketers use English Willow bats; our former cricket captain, Virat Kholi, uses English Willow bats only. His bats have curved blades with a thickness of 38 to 42 mm. 

Selected Willow Bats

These wooden bats are used for regular playing on street-level cricket. Majorly for kids who are learning and playing cricket.  

Ideal Size of Cricket Bat 

Ideally, there are no such standards for the weight of the bat, Virat Kohli uses a bat weighing 1.2 to 1.4 kg and the Australian Legend Ricky Ponting uses a 1.51 KG of weight.  

Best Cricket Bats in India

Get familiar with the top cricket bats that are used by top cricket players and best suited for playing national and international cricket.  

DSC Belter Wood Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat 

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This DSC cricket Bat is made with Kashmir Willow and is available with advanced grip technology which is extra soft and ergonomically shaped. It is ideal for recreation with leather balls and it has been shaped traditionally. It has been handcrafted by a master craftsman in India. It is one of the best cricket bats in India that you choose for playing cricket. DSC Cricket Bat Price: Rs 1,138

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GM Icon Bullet English Willow Cricket Bat

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GM is one of the famous cricket bat brands and this one comes with English Willow with a pronounced bow and massive edges.  The grip of this cricketing bat comes with an extra soft grip and has been designed for ergonomically shaped vibration dampening. It is the perfect choice for those who are playing national or international cricket or looking for a future in the cricket world.  GM Cricket Bat Price: Rs 2,377-4,832

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New Balance DC 480 Kashmir-Willow Cricket Bat 

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This New Balance Kashmir Willow bat is made with the best quality and it has been designed and shaped with large edges with a sweet spot for providing maximum acceleration to the ball with jarring of the hands and forearms. It is an ideal product for teens and adults and is comfortable with leather balls, and tennis balls. New Balance Cricket Bat Price: Rs 3,299

GM Noir English Willow Cricket Bat for Men

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GM is known for offering the best cricket bats in India and has massive edges that provide powerful and dominating strokes. It has been the top choice of modern cricketers and is handcrafted by the master bat makers. This GM English Willow bat is available in 3, 4, 5, and 6 number sizes which are ideal for teens and adult players.  Its advanced gripping technology comes extra soft and ergonomically shaped for better comfort while playing cricket.  GM Cricket Bat Price: Rs 3,129- 5,183

SG 2020 Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat

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This SG cricket bat is made with the finest Kashmir willow hard pressed and has been shaped traditionally for playing some superb shots. These SG cricket bats have been seen in many live cricket matches and have supreme gripping and overall bat control. SG Cricket Bat Price: Rs 1,620- 2,345

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