Water Heater Buying Guide 2022: How To Pick The Best Geysers In India?

Water Heater Buying Guide: As winter is coming, the water heater is one of the basic needs for every home, and if you are planning to buy one, then check out the best water heater buying guide. Get complete details about how to choose the best water heater for your home online.

Water Heater Buying Guide 2022: How To Pick The Best Geysers In India?
Water Heater Buying Guide | Image Source: Jagran

Water Heater Buying Guide:  India is a tropical country and it is known for its extreme weather condition that changes in almost every quarter of the year. As winter is approaching, we all need a good quality water heater for our home for bathing and other work.  The market is full of options with various water heaters like instant Geysers, storage water heaters, solar water heaters, and more.  

If you are looking to buy a water heater, check out the water heater buying guide, we have mentioned complete parameters that you need to check before buying. Also, select from the most popular water heaters that we have mentioned below for your home.  

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How Does A Water Heater Work?

An electrical heater uses an electrical-resistance heating element which is loaded in the middle of the water tank. When you start the water heater it passes the current through the heating element and the thermostat which is used to control the temperature of the outputted water. 

An instant water heater simply draws water from the primary tank while a storage water heater has a separate tank onboard as a component that holds a specified amount of water usage. A geyser with a thermostat would keep monitoring the temperature of the water of the heating if up to a specific high temperature. 

Types of Water Heaters 

Check out the different types of water heaters available in the market that you can choose from as per your need and budget.  

Instant Water Heaters

An instant geyser is simply an appliance that heats the water instantly when the water passes through the internal heating elements.  It is mainly used in kitchens where it has been used to wash utensils. An instant water heater offers convenience due to its smaller size and is one of the ideals for kitchens and small bathrooms with limited space.  

It cannot store water as it requires running water to heat up and it has a longer life compared to normal water heaters.  

Storage Water Heaters 

This geyser has a storage tank onboard where you can store a few liters of water depending upon its capacity. It works when you are on it and it will take a few minutes to heat up the water in a tank. The hot water is instantly available for use in buckets and showers. 

The heating cost is slightly higher as compared to the instant one and it comes with a capacity from 6 KG to 35 KG. A tank is a great buy that adds to the overall maintenance and offers a shorter lifespan compared to instant geysers.  However, choosing between a stainless steel and copper tank will surely change the overall lifespan of your water heater.  

Gas Water Heaters 

The Gas water heater uses LPG gas as fuel to power up and heats the water and it is very economical as it costs half of what an electricity-powered Geyser would cost.  It comes with a layer of safety as the risk is associated with the handling of LPG which is flammable. 

This Gas geyser is also available in both instant and storage-based water heaters. These gas water heaters are slightly on the expensive side if you are planning to buy one. 

Solar Water Heaters 

The solar water heater is another alternative to the electric water heater. It is available in a roof-mounted unit that absorbs solar energy and transfers it to the antifreeze-like fluid that eventually helps in heating the water tank in a closed-loop system. 

You have to make a one-time investment as it works on solar and the sunlight is available for free for everyone.  All you need to do is maintain them.  

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Things To Consider Before Buying a Water Heater 

As winter is coming, here are some of the important facts that need to be checked before buying the best water heater in India.  


If you are looking for a water heater, it is necessary to choose as per the family size and the usage of the hot water. The geyser's price may vary as per the capacity based. The water heater takes a few minutes to heat up the water and store it in a tank. You can also choose an instant water heater that provides instant hot water but it is suitable for couples and bachelors only. 

Energy Efficient and Ratings 

It is necessary to check out the rating of the product and always choose 5-star rating products that help to generate more electricity and reduce your bill. The impact of a high-rated water heater is less than a lower-rated one, although pricing may be different and it is always suggested to buy a 4  and 5-star water heater that consumes less energy. 

Auto-Cut Off

Another useful feature that you need to consider is the auto cut-off. It will not protect the heater from consuming more power than usual but also prevents the risk of overheating. The water heater will automatically shut off ensuring that you have a heater to use the next time without needing immediate repair. 

Rated Water Pressure

It is necessary to make sure to get a geyser that can regulate the water pressure as per the requirements as it is one of the essential features for those who are having low water pressure in their homes.  The ideal pressure is 2-6 bars which help to maintain the pressure as per the requirement. 

Water Type 

Most people overlook the damage the water quality can cause to your water heaters. The hard water contains high levels of mineral salt like calcium and magnesium that can cause scaling and with a certain period of time, it starts hampering the efficiency of heating elements. It is necessary to check the water with your water supply and purchase accordingly. 

Best Water Heaters in India 2022

Here are the selected top Geysers in India that are best suited for all sorts of families and also for high-rise buildings.  

V-Guard Divino 15 Liter Storage Water  Heater

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Crompton Arno Neo 15-L Storage Water Heater

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Bajaj New Shakti Neo Plus 15L Storage Water Heater

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Crompton Solarium Qube 25-L Storage Water Heater

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Havells Instanio 3-Litre Instant Geyser

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Explore more best water heaters in India on Amazon here.  

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