25 Litre Geyser Price List in India 2023: Best Suited For Large Families

25 Litre Geyser Price 2023: the water heater or geyser has become one of the most important appliances in every home. These water heaters are especially useful when the temperature is low and all you need is a bath. Check out the 25 litre geyser which is best for large families.

25 Litre Geyser Price List in India 2023: Best Suited For Large Families
25 Litre Geyser Price List in India 2023| Image Source: Pexel

25 Litre Geyser Price 2023: We all understand the importance of a good hot shower. Be its harsh weather, work pressure or sore muscles, a good hot bath can help you combat and survive all of that and more. The chilly winter is here and it is necessary to have a geyser for bathing and other kitchen-related work.  A good geyser can cater to all these and if you have a large family, then it is best to choose a 25 litre geyser. 

When buying a geyser, there are points that it is necessary to check out like power consumption, capacity, and time taken to heathen up the water. Different brands come with loaded features and with different price ranges. Check out the best 25 litre geyser price in India. Select from the top brands like Crompton, AO Smith, Bajaj, and More. 

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25 Litre Geyser Price List in 2023

Check and buy geyser 25 litres online at the best prices. These are best suited for large families. 

Crompton Amica 25-L Storage Water Heater

Crompton water heater

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This Crompton water heater comes with a 5-star rating and ensures high heat retention and thus reducing your electricity bill. It comes with 3-level advanced security that keeps all parameters in check for protection against any sort of electric shock. 

With the help of 1200 gm, it provides superior heating for faster heating. The body of the geyser is powder coated which prevents it from rusting and makes the water heater more durable. Crompton Geyser Price: Rs 7,685

AO Smith Storage 25 Litre Vertical Water Heater

AO SMITH water heater

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This AO Smith water heater comes with 25 litre capacity which is best for large families. It offers superior heating even in hard water conditions and as it is a 5-star rating product, it helps to save on your electricity bill. 

It has an ISI-marked power cord to provide maximum safety. It is one of the best water heaters even for hard water conditions. AO Smith Geyser Price: Rs 8,499

Bajaj New Shakti Neo 25L Metal Body Water Heater 

Bajaj water heater

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This Bajaj water heater comes with a copper element that is efficient for longer life and it can store heated water. Its swirl flow technology gives 20% more hot water and it has a special inner coating. As it is suitable for 8 bar pressure, it is suitable for high-rise buildings. 

It also comes with a child lock that safeguards the child from any accidental hazards. Bajaj Geyser Price: Rs 7,299

Havells Adonia R 25-Litre Vertical Storage Water Heater 

Havells water heater

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Havells is one of the leading electronics brands, this water heater comes with ultra-thick superior steel that provides superior corrosion resistance and anti-rust property resulting in longer life. This Havells Geyser has an Incoloy glass-coated heating element that offers maximum heating performance with its excellent resistance to both oxidation and carbonization at high temperatures. 

It avoids direct contact between cold and hot water for faster heating which leads to energy savings of up to 20%. Havells Geyser Price: Rs 14,805

V-Guard Victo 25 Litre Water Heater

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This V-Guard water heater has a single weld line tank design that reduces the leakage by 66% and makes it more robust. It comes with dual heating protection that helps in maintaining the water temperature at the desired levels. 

As it is 5 stars rated product, it brings down energy consumption and helps to lower your electricity bill. V-Guard Geyser Price: Rs 8,249

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FAQs: 25 Litre Geyser Price

1. Which geyser is best for home?

Here are the best geysers to buy this winter for your home. Select from Bajaj, Crompton, and more. 

2. Which geyser is best for a bathroom?

 Wall-mounted geysers are best for the bathroom, as power the family size, choose the best among all. 

3. Which is the No 1 geyser in India?

V-Guard is one of the leading Geyser brands in India that comes with an auto thermal cut-off for better safety. 

4. Which geyser is better storage or instant?

An Instant geyser is best if you are looking for an energy-efficient option, but if you having a family of 4 and more, you have to choose the a storage water heater that allows you to offer more hot water. 

5. Is an instant geyser good for a bathroom?

Instant geysers are best suited for small families, they are energy efficient and the best geysers to buy in India. 

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