Induction Stoves For Easy, Fast, And Flameless Cooking

Induction Stove: Fast cooking is typically preferred in today's hectic world to save time. Induction cooking has the potential to alter your culinary experience. Instead of using the cooktop to heat your pots and pans, induction technology uses magnetic currents. Mealtime is made simpler with induction cooking thanks to its speedy heat-up, precise control, and simple cleaning. The prices of these induction cooktops are updated as of 20th Sep 2022.

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Induction Stoves For Easy, Fast, And Flameless Cooking
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Induction Stove: Due to an induction cooktop's quick response electromagnetic cycle, you may reduce the typical cooking times for many of your favorite items by up to 50%. One of the main selling points of the induction stove is speed. The pan heats up faster, thus food cooks more quickly. Because it uses a lot less energy to heat up than electricity or gas, induction cooking is thought to be the fastest heat method. This is the smartest technology in the kitchen

Less energy is used while preparing food on an induction stove. This is the most secure way of cooking. If you stay with kids or elderly people, this is a fantastic alternative. An induction cooktop cannot be accidentally turned on. It won't turn on unless you put an induction-ready pot or pan on the surface since induction heats up the pan. Most induction stoves will immediately shut off if they detect a boilover. Glass is not heated by induction; the cookware is. This implies that the glass is much less likely to result in burns from cooking.

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Induction Stove:

For a faster and more delicious meal preparation you can check out some of the top picks of Induction Stove: 

Pigeon 1800 Watt Induction Cooktop 

induction stove

This Pigeon Induction Cooktop comes with a 7-segment LED display for temperature and power. High-grade electrical is installed in this induction stove to guard against short circuits. It is extremely durable because of its superior top plate cans, which can withstand very high temperatures. The smart timer enables hands-free cooking. A lengthy connective cord of 1.3 meters makes this flexible while moving. Pigeon Induction Stove Price: Rs 1648.

Philips 2100-Watt Induction Cooktop

induction stove

This induction from Philips comes with 2100-watt power to make cooking faster. After pressing the ON/OFF button, press the cooking mode button. The induction cooker will automatically turn off after one minute if the cooking mode button is not pressed. Cleaning this is also easy just with a single wipe on the glass of the cooktop. You can control the food temperature during cooking. Philips Induction Stove Price: Rs 3298.

Prestige 1600 Watt Induction Cooktop

induction stove

This stylish prestige cooktop with 1600 Watt comes with many features like- Indian Menu Options, an Aerodynamic cooling system, an Automatic voltage regulator and saves power. This is portable and you can carry it anywhere. Since the product enables direct heating, there is very little energy and heat wastage. They are easy to maintain and clean. Prestige Induction Stove Price: Rs 2111.

Lifelong 2000 Watt Induction Cooktop

induction stove

For smart cooking, this Lifelong Induction comes with 2000 Watt for quick heating and consuming less time. For ease in operations, there is an LED display which makes it simple to operate. The feature of 7 Preset Menus meets your culinary needs. You may adjust the cooking time and temperature using the digital display timer and the option for variable temperature choices. The Anti-Skid feature prevents any spillage. Lifelong Induction Stove Price: Rs 1299.

USHA 1600-Watt Induction Cooktop

induction stove

This Usha induction is resistant to voltage fluctuation up to 1500 volts. Just with a touch of a 5 preset button, you can cook versatile food. The built-in timer helps to control your food temperature. The pan sensor technology and overheating protection make cooking in this induction safe. Usha Induction Stove Price: Rs 2498.

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Induction Stove: Benefits

Faster meal preparation

Easy to clean

Safe to use

Energy efficient 

Heats up pan quickly

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