Best Egg Boilers: For A Quick And Healthy Breakfast

Best Egg Boilers: Starting your day with boiled eggs is enough to kickstart your day. But, not everyone knows how to get the perfect soft-boiled or hard-boiled eggs. Even though you are aware of the precise amount of water and time necessary to prepare a flawlessly boiled egg, you might miss a moment, which could drastically alter the texture of the egg. Egg Boiler can help you in getting the perfect boiled egg in lesser time. The prices of these egg boilers are updated as of 21st Sep 2022.

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Best Egg Boilers: For A Quick And Healthy Breakfast
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Best Egg Boilers: It can be challenging to get the perfect egg texture. Some people prefer soft-boiled eggs, while others prefer hard-boiled eggs. But cooking the appropriate boiler egg is a difficult job. Egg boilers include automatic settings and timers, making it easier to achieve the desired texture than with traditional cooking methods. There is a choice of light, medium, or hard boiling for them. Using an egg boiler makes it simple to achieve the desired texture and is the smartest appliance in the kitchen.

The egg boiler machine comes with a touch option making it easy to prepare boiled eggs and also easy to use. You don't need to make any additional effort when boiling the egg. Simply place eggs and water in the boiler, then turn it on with a single touch. It could be challenging to find nicely boiled eggs outside if you're a health-conscious person who relies heavily on eggs in your diet. For such people, an egg boiler is a fantastic alternative.

Here is the list of some best egg boilers

KENT 16020 Instant Egg Boiler

egg boiler

Make a healthy breakfast within a short time period with Kent Egg Boiler. With a single touch button, you can prepare 7 eggs at a time with perfection. The 3 boiling modes help you to boil eggs in soft, medium, and hard textures. For excellent heat transfer and hygienic operation, the heating plate of this instant egg boiler is made of stainless steel. The machine will turn off automatically when the eggs are boiled. It comes with a power watt of 360. Kent Egg Boiler Price: Rs 1199.

Simxen Egg Boiler

egg boiler

Made with high-quality ABS materials this Sixmen Egg Boiler is safe and durable as it comes with an auto-off function. This allows the boiler to switch off when the egg gets boiled. Your egg gets prepared within 10 minutes and this saves your time too. This stylish egg boiler is fashionable, lightweight, and compact. Sixmen Egg Boiler Price: Rs 435.

Lifelong Egg Boiler

egg boiler

Prepare multiple egg dishes with a perfect boiled egg texture. Lifelong Egg Boiler comes with 3 boiling modes and an automatic power-off function. The trays are composed of food-grade materials, making them fully safe for your family. They are also incredibly simple to clean. You can also steam veggies in this boiler. Make a quick and healthy breakfast with this egg boiler machine. Lifelong Egg Boiler Price: Rs 879.

MILTON Smart Egg Boiler

egg boiler

This Milton Egg Boiler auto stops as soon as its water finishes on its heating tray. This comes with a poaching tray and a measuring cup so that you can pour accurate water quantity. Made of high-quality stainless steel you can boil an egg - hard, medium, and soft as per your preferred texture. Milton Egg Bolier Price: Rs 1099.

KENT Super Egg Boiler 400W

egg boiler

This Kent Egg Boiler can boil 6 eggs quickly with a one-touch operation. Designed with a heating plate and stainless steel body for superior and quicker performance. Once the eggs are done, safety features including automatic power-off and overheating protection will turn the machine off. Kent Egg Boiler Price: Rs 1149.

How to use egg boiler?

Pour water on the heating plate.

Lay the eggs on the tray, then cover it.

Press the egg boiler machine's on/off switch.

Within minutes, get perfect boiled eggs.


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