Best Fruit Juicers For Freshly Squeezed Juice At Home

Best Fruit Juicers: Being fit, healthy and in shape is what we all desire. To stay fit a fresh glass of juice is a must to remove toxins from your body and improve your immune system. But squeezing juice with the hand is a difficult and time-consuming task. A fruit juicer machine can help you in getting fresh juice every day quickly. The prices of these juicers are updated as of 21st Sep 2022.

By Sneha Singh
Updated: Mon, 26 Sep 2022 02:40 PM IST
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Best Fruit Juicers For Freshly Squeezed Juice At Home
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Best Fruit Juicers: Starting your day with a glass of fresh juice during summer not only keeps your body fit but also refreshes your day. A healthy breakfast should include the juice of your choice. Manual extraction of fruit or vegetable juice is hard and tedious. We do not have time, especially in the mornings as we have to rush to the office, school, or college. Buying a fruit and vegetable juicer can help you in getting fresh juice in lesser time. A fruit juicer machine is a must-have essential in kitchen appliances

You can make restaurant-style juices at home with fresh fruits and vegetables. Just push the fruit or vegetable inside the juicer and you can get juice instantly. These fruit juicers are simple to use and easy to clean. For all health-conscious lovers, this appliance will keep you fit and healthy.

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Best Fruit Juicers

We have enlisted the best fruit juicers from top brands. Check out the features before purchasing them.

Ganesh Fruit & Vegetable Steel Handle Juicer


This citrus fruit juicer from Ganesh comes with an anti-drip system that is made of high-quality plastic. The juicer has an anti-skid base that, creates a vacuum and stops it from moving back and forth when extracting juice making it safe to use. The superior quality handle makes it easy to operate. Now you can have fresh juice every day easily without taking much time. Ganesh Fruit Juicer Price: Rs 379.

PHILIPS Citrus Press Juicer 


This stylish Phillips juicer will add beauty to your kitchen. With the help of a transparent jar, you can monitor everything easily and get the perfect juice. The sieve adjuster helps in selecting different levels of pulpiness in juice. The stainless steel blade material helps in the easy extraction of juice without any effort. Philips Fruit Juicer Price: Rs 1395.

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Hestia Appliances Nutri-Max Cold Press Juicer


Equipped with cold pressed technology this Hestia Juicer gives a hassle-free juicing experience. To minimize your time chopping it comes with large feeding tubes. This juicer machine can make refreshing and delicious juices, sorbets, and smoothies. With the help of two outlets, you can easily separate juice and pulp. Hestia Fruit Juicer Price: Rs 12,499.

Kuber Industries Hand Pressure Juicer


The Kuber fruit juicer manual is used to make juice of different fruits and vegetables. You can operate it manually with an easy hand-press mechanism. It is so simple to use and clean. Just cut the fruit into two parts and place it in the juicer and drink fresh and tasty juice every day. Kuber Fruit Juicer Price: Rs 1299.

KBR Personal Mini Travel Fruit Juicer


This portable mini juicer from KBR runs by battery. Just with a recharge and full battery you can get fresh juice wherever you go. You can drink directly through the mouth of the bottle and do not require an extra glass for drinking. The one-key operation is simple. You only need to press the button once to activate it, and in 40 seconds you may enjoy a great smoothie, juice, or milkshake. Simply add some water to it and press the on/off button to automatically clean the juicer. KBR Juicer Price: Rs 499.

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