Roti Maker Machines: For Easy And Quick Preparations Of Rotis And Parathas

Roti Maker Machines: Making perfect round rotis can be difficult and frustrating at times. It is also time-consuming. With the help of roti making machine your cook a number of rotis in less time with perfection. You can make perfect round and fluffy chapati easily.

By Sneha Singh
Updated: Tue, 27 Sep 2022 04:10 PM IST
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Roti Maker Machines: For Easy And Quick Preparations Of Rotis And Parathas
Roti Maker Machines

Roti Maker Machines: In all Indian homes roti is a basic food that we consume both for lunch and dinner. We have it with daal, gravy, chicken, etc. Making a number of rotis can be a tedious task and we tend to get tired. Sometimes they are not in perfect round shape, not fluffy. For all these reasons purchasing a roti maker is a good idea. With the help of chapati making machine, you can make 300-600 Rotis, puri, and parathas easily.  They can eliminate the dough rolling process which is very time-consuming. This kitchen appliance is easy to use and clean.

Along with cooking rotis, you can also prepare other foods like papad and khakhra. These machines take less space in your kitchen and are available at a reasonable price. 

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Check out the list of best roti makers:

Bajaj Roti Maker 

roti maker

The ideal roti maker from Bajaj comes with a cool and sturdy handle fitted with steel to make pressing the plates easy. With a single press, you can make perfect round and soft roti. The nonstick coating of plates ensures easy flow of dough without sticking - while making quick rotis. It features a power-on indicator and shockproof housing. Bajaj Roti Maker Price: Rs 2205.

Antson Stainless Steel Roti Maker

roti maker

This chapati maker from Antson is perfect for flattening or pressing poori, papad, and khakra. This machine is of large size and has a working diameter of nearly 7.5 inches. It is suitable for making small chapatis. The anti-skid sole helps the presser machine to stay in place when you press it for dough. Use some oil while using it so that the dough does not get sticky. Antson Roti Maker Price: Rs 779.

Libra Roti Maker

roti maker

Libra Roti Maker Electric comes with 900 watts to prepare easy and fast roti. Since it is made of stainless steel you do not have to worry about rust. It comes with a double indicator-  one indicates the power supply whereas the other indicates the thermostatic control which goes on/off as soon as the temperature is achieved. The bakelite handles and housing are strong and sturdy for long-life operation. Libra Roti Maker Price: Rs 1909.

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Sunflame Roti Maker 

roti maker

Made with a  superior quality stainless steel body for outer plates it provides durability and also comes with rust-free features. Additionally, the Sunflame Automatic Electric Roti Maker has a heat-resistant raising handle that makes it simple to raise the top plate while the roti or chapatti is being cooked. Sunflame Roti Maker Price: Rs 1899.

Prestige Roti Maker

roti maker

Now making soft and fluffy roti is easy with the help of Prestige Roti Maker. Because of its small size and ability to stand vertically while using a winding power wire, the roti maker requires less kitchen cabinet space. It comes with a temperature control knob that can be adjusted, allowing you to generate perfectly rotis by adjusting the temperature of the roti maker. This guarantees safety and conserves energy. Prestige Roti Maker Price: Rs 2200.

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