5 Litre Pressure Cookers: Now Cooking Food For Large Families Became Quick And Easy

5 Litre Pressure Cookers: It can take a long time to prepare meals for larger families. In all Indian homes, cooking many dishes at once is also typical. An Indian meal isn't complete without the right platter like rice, daal, and sabzi. Consequently, a pressure cooker can be helpful in many ways to ease and relax your cooking procedure. The prices of these pressure cookers are updated as of 20th Sep 2022.

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Updated: Mon, 26 Sep 2022 02:41 PM IST
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5 Litre Pressure Cookers: Now Cooking Food For Large Families Became Quick And Easy
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Pressure Cookers 5 Litres: Now, a lot of scrumptious food may be prepared at once with just a few whistles. Cooking is streamlined and simple due to the heat's quicker absorption. The finest pressure cooker for joint families may have a capacity of 5 litres because the amount of food is greater than for small families. Now multi-tasking in the kitchen is possible with the help of a pressure cooker. Not only rice and daal but you can also make delicious chicken, mutton and many other dishes in it.  It works by raising the temperate of boiling water and traps the steam generated while heating.

They are responsible for making not only delicious food in lesser time but also retaining the nutrients, proteins and vitamins of a food. Since the water boils at higher than 100°C it has the ability to destroy harmful bacteria. 

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Pressure Cookers 5 Litres

Now with the help of 5 litres of pressure cooking, you can save time and energy in preparing food. The cooking time is reduced hence, you can prepare many dishes at a time. Just cut the vegetable and put them along with water in a cooker. Just in a few moments, your food is cooked. Check out the list of best pressure cookers in India

Pigeon by Stovekraft

pressure cooker

This pressure cooker by Pigeon is made of high-grade virgin aluminium. Designed ergonomically they come with a strong, sturdy and durable quality to ensure safety. Even if the pressure cooker is hot you can easily touch the Bakelite handle as it is cool. Pigeon Pressure Cooker Price: Rs 735.

Prestige Pressure Cooker

pressure cooker

A special deep cover with spillage control is included in this pressure cooker to prevent froth from flowing down the cooker. With cool touch, weight prevents your finger from getting burnt while handling the cooker. You can cook food 15% faster with the optimized wide base. Prestige Pressure Cooker Price: Rs 2838

Hawkins Pressure Cooker

pressure cooker

The unique curved body of this Hawkins pressure cooker gives a stylish look and comes with many benefits like you can easily stir the food, prevent the food from sticking or burning and is easy to clean. The stainless steel lid ensures hygiene and durability. It saves fuel by preparing food faster. Hawkins Pressure Cooker Price: Rs 2465.

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Butterfly Cordial Non Induction Base Cooker

pressure cooker

Butterfly Cooker comes with a non-induction base ensuring shape is retained for longer. They come with safety features like featuring a gasket release system with a metallic safety plug and precision weighted valve. The cooker is resistant to scratches or stains. This cooker ensures both safety and is less time-consuming. Butterfly Pressure Cooker Price: Rs 949.

Prestige Svachh Pressure Cooker

pressure cooker

You can use this Prestige Cooker in both gas and induction. The sturdy handle design helps you in holding the cooker easily. It also comes with an indicator to let you know when you can open the cooker safely. So you do not have to keep on checking when the pressure is out. Prestige Cooker Price: Rs 2890.

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