Indoor Air Purifiers: How To Select The Best Air Purifiers In India?

Indoor Air Purifiers: Everyone knows about air pollution. What are the causes of air pollution?? Industrialization, increasing rate of on-road vehicles, stubble burning, and so on. What are the effects of air pollution? Ill physical and mental health. What’s the solution? Get an air purifier now!

Indoor Air Purifiers: How To Select The Best Air Purifiers In India?
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Indoor Air Purifiers: About air pollution, the hue & cry is always there. Especially in recent times air pollution caused by rising industries, stubble burning, vehicles, and whatnot, has been giving some extreme warning signs. The effects of air pollution can be seen everywhere, specifically in metropolitan areas, where breathing foul air can lead to hazardous health conditions. Air purifiers are the only way out till the time any solid reform related to pollution comes into play. These indoor air purifiers are worth purchasing as they are able to not only eliminate dust, pollutants, and other contaminants from the air of your house with precision but also keep a strict check on the AQI level.

In short, whatever may be the causes of air pollution are, it is we who have to make sure that we and our loved ones breathe fresh and uncontaminated air, even when inside the home. Hence the significance of air purifiers cannot be denied at any point.  And so, we have come up with some of the finest parameters that one should consider while choosing from the best air purifiers in India. Take a look and pick one today:

Indoor Air Purifiers: Battle Air Pollution With The Best In Market

Air pollution is on the rise everywhere. The disappointing thing is we all know air pollution is caused by man-made progress and developments but we still lag millions of steps behind what’s the remedy. For now, indoor air purifiers are considered quite a feasible option to ensure you and your loved ones breathe fresh air inside the home. Talking about air pollution, the best air purifiers are available in the market but the quest to select the most appropriate one is still quite confusing. 

So, we have shortlisted some of the influential factors that should be kept in mind while purchasing an indoor air purifier for your home:

What Is Air Pollution? How Does Indoor Air Pollution Affect Us?

The northern states in India such as Delhi NCR, UP, Haryana, Punjab, etc have seen a dramatic rise in air pollution. Thick smog outside your window somehow gives you an impression that everything is all right until you are inside your home. However, this is a false assumption. Indoor air pollution is a thing and in fact, it is far more dangerous to us. Why? Simply because you, me, and every one of us spent most of the time inside, either in homes, schools, colleges, or offices. This is where indoor air purifiers play their vital role. 

How To Select The Best Air Purifiers For Your Home?

Are you planning to get an indoor air purifier for your home or planning to get bulk orders for your office? Good. Take a look at some of the deciding factors that will help you make the correct purchase:

Room Size And CADR

The very basic step is to get started with what size of the room you are purchasing the air purifier for. This is so because air purifiers do work on the basis of coverage area. For instance, there’re specific air purifiers for small rooms, large rooms, etc. If you get an indoor air purifier with a smaller coverage area for your spacious bedroom or living room, it will be a waste of money and vice versa. 

The second parameter that should be kept in mind while getting an air purifier is CADR or clean air delivery rate. Since most of you might not be familiar with this jargon, let us see what it is. Simply put, CADR is the measuring mark that allows you to check the performance of an air purifier. In technical terms, CADR signifies how fast an air purifier can clean the air of a room when working at its full capacity. So, the higher CADR goes, the better in performance an air purifier is. In a few brands, another termed POLAR is used that gives the efficiency and effectiveness of an indoor air purifier in real living spaces.

Filter Types

This is perhaps one of the quintessential factors to look upon. Different air purifiers are available in the market that comes with varied filters. Everyone who has been familiar with the effects of air pollution and has previously looked for indoor air purifiers might have known the three-stage filtration system. In this type of air purifier (three-stage filtration system), the air first passes via the pre-filter, then through HEPA, and finally via an activated charcoal filter. 

Along with these filters, other filter types are available with air purifiers like UV and PCO filters. So, pick wisely with respect to what kind of filter you want with an air purifier. 


ACH or air change rate defines the efficiency of an indoor air purifier. Basically, ACH tells you how many times an air purifier can clean the room in an hour. So suppose, if you are looking to buy an air purifier with an ACH of 5, it means your room will be cleaned 5 times. 

Connectivity and Maintenance

Since the emergence of IoT in every gadget, it is quite obvious that a smart air purifier is what everyone wants. In layman's terms, a smart air purifier allows Wifi connectivity and also keeps a close check on the air quality inside your room. In addition to this, smart air purifiers come with a programmable timer and in-built sensors. These air purifiers allow automatic shut-off or shut-on and adjust the fan speed depending on the air quality inside the room. 

Another pressing aspect is the maintenance cost attached to the air purifier you’re planning to purchase. It is inevitable that the filters of your air purifiers will be replaced from time to time. So, be very careful to find out which brand is giving what sort of maintenance parameter when it comes to getting a new indoor air purifier. 

Best Air Purifiers In India 2023

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Blue Star BS-AP300DAI with Microbe DeActive+ Technology Rs 7,450
SHARP Room Air Purifier 40% Off

Since you have not got to understand all the parameters that should be kept in mind while purchasing an air purifier, it’s time to look at the best purchase options available online in India. Take a look:

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FAQ: Indoor Air Purifiers

1. Is it good to use an air purifier at home?

Yes. In fact, using indoor air purifiers actually can help to eliminate harmful particles like smoke, dust, allergens, molds, and similar inside your home.

2. Should I use an air purifier every day?

Yes, it is recommended to utilize air purifiers on a 24/7 basis without turning them off at any time. Along with this, it is also recommended to not switch off your air purifier at any time of the day or night. 

3. How many hours a day should you run an air purifier?


Even though it is recommended to run indoor air purifiers on for the entire day, it is advised to at least keep these on for good 12 hours a day. 


4. Do I need a purifier in every room?


The answer to this question is no. It is always wise to keep indoor air purifiers in the room you spend most of your time.

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