Air Purifiers Under 15000: Breath Fresh And Clean Air At Your Home

Air Purifiers Under 15000: Seeking an Air purifier to breathe fresh air at home? These Air purifiers are effective to purify indoor air pollution. Get familiar with the best air purifier under 15000 here and select the best one.

Air Purifiers Under 15000: Breath Fresh And Clean Air At Your Home
Air Purifiers Under 15000 | Image Source: Jagran

Air Purifiers Under 15000: as we all know that air pollution is now at an alarming state and it has been a concern for everyone. Air purifiers for the home have now become necessary to breathe fresh and clean air home as they can purify indoor air which gets polluted due to pollen, dust, and other microorganisms. It can refresh the stale air and reduces the chances of health issues that have been caused by indoor air pollutants which can trigger respiratory infections. 

There are different types of air purifiers available in the market that are loaded with multiple features like the sleep mode, which offers low noise and adjusts the speed of the purifier accordingly, and shut off automatically. Get Familiar with air purifiers under 15000 here. 

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Best Air Purifiers Under 15000 in India

Keep your indoor air fresh and free from bacteria and viruses, select the best one. 

Philips Air Purifier with HEPA Filter

Philips air purifier

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This Philips air purifier comes with a 4 stage filtration process through a pre-filter with an activated carbon filter with a double-layered H13 Grade True HEPA filter. It has 4 color air quality indicators that give real-time air quality feedback. It automatically monitors and purifies the air, ideal for the bedroom. 

It comes with a night sensing mode that runs on low noise for better quality sleep. It captures 99.97% of particles through the filters and reduces pollutants, allergens, and gasses, and it also comes with a child lock to prevent uninterrupted changes in settings. Philips Air Purifier Price: Rs 11,800

Coway Professional Air Purifier for Home

Coway air purifier

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This air purifier for home comes with a HEPA filter which is best-in-class protection and has longer life than others. The Coway is specially designed for air care with a focus on providing superior quality and it is loaded with a filter replacement indicator that blinks when it's time to change HEPA or carbon filter. 

Its intelligent auto mode automatically adjusts the speed of the air purifier based on the air quality. The Green TRUE HEPA kills 99.99% of viruses and bacteria, making it one of the best air purifiers for home. Coway Air Purifier Price: Rs 12,990

Honeywell Air Touch V4 Air Purifier

Honeywell air purifier

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Honeywell is one of the famous brands, this air filter comes with an advanced filtration system with 5 air changes per hour. It is equipped with UV LED  and an ionizer to kill viruses and bacteria with 3 air purifying speeds. It also comes with a sleep mode with 1-12 hours of automatic shut-off time that can be controlled by a remote. 

One of the best air filters for a home that cleans up 99.97% of germs, bacteria, and more. Honeywell Air Purifier Price: Rs 10, 245

Mi Air Purifier 3 with True HEPA Filter

Mi Air purifier

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This Mi Air purifier comes with 3 filter layers with a TRUE HEPA filter that eliminates 99.97% of viruses, and bacteria, and it works efficiently in improving indoor air quality by eliminating smog, and damp smell,  during rainy seasons. 

You can voice command this device as it is supported by Google Assistant and you can also schedule the air purification process and can monitor the same through the app. Mi Air Purifier Price: Rs 10,750

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