Air Purifiers for Large Rooms: Best Suited for Indian Houses

Air Purifiers for Large Rooms: The air in your home and office can be germs, dust, and pollutants and can lead to severe health issues. You can use the air purifiers in your home even in large rooms to get fresh air. Check out some of the best air purifiers for large rooms to keep your room air fresh.

By Sumit Bansal
Updated: Sun, 25 Sep 2022 10:22 PM IST
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Air Purifiers for Large Rooms: Best Suited for Indian Houses
Air Purifiers for Large Rooms | Image Source: Unsplash

Air Purifiers for Large Rooms: We are living in an age where clean air is more important than it has ever been before as the degrading air quality has made it imperative for us to invest in a good quality air purifier that helps to protect the health and well-being of our loved ones. As outdoor pollution is at an all-time high, the importance of clean air can not be stressed. 

You cannot control the air quality outside but at your home, the air purifier can help to keep the air fresh. There are lots of air purifiers available online and here we are sharing the details of air purifiers for large rooms.  Grab the best one that is capable of purifying the air quality of a large room. 

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Air Purifiers For Large Room

PHILIPS High-Efficiency Air Purifier AC2887/20

Philips air purifier

This Philips air purifier purifies the standard room in just 10 minutes and for the larger one, it takes 15 minutes. It comes with vital shield intelligent technology that automatically senses the quality of the air and removes 99.97% of airborne pollutants as small as 0.003 microns, which is 800 times smaller than PM 2.5.

Philips is the number one brand in air purifiers and the allergen mode automatically gives an extra boost to the airflow to reduce the risk level of allergen to a minimum. Philips Air Purifier Price: Rs 20,789

Honeywell Air Touch U2 Air Purifier HEPA Filter

Honeywell air purifier

This Honeywell Air purifier comes with an advanced filtration system with 5 air changes per hour and it is also equipped with UV LED ionizer which can effectively kill harmful bacteria. It is also equipped with a humidifier to maintain ideal moisture levels in ambient air.

It also comes with silent operation with a low noise level at a high speed of 8 air purifying speed along with the auto mode. It has a child lock and sleep mode with a 1-12 automatic shut-off timer. Honeywell Air Purifier Price: Rs 29,499

Coway Professional Air Purifier for Home

Coway air purifier

This Coway air purifier for home comes with a HEPA filter, which is one of the most durable filters in this category with a lifespan of 8500 hours. It has a filter replacement indicator that blinks when it's time to change the filter and it also comes with an intelligent auto mode that adjusts the speed of the air purifier automatically on the basis of air quality. 

It is available in a smart design to ensure an innovative flow path for high efficiency for better and maximum airflow. Coway Air Purifier Price: Rs 13,500

Mi Air Purifier 3 with True HEPA Filter

Mi Air filter

This Mi air filter comes with a True HEPA filter with 99.97% of efficiency and it can be controlled by a smart app that also works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. It has an OLED touch display from there you can check the PM levels, temperature, humidity, and wifi connections. 

It is designed to keep your large room with fresh air and keep the noise levels low as in sleep mode. One can schedule the air purification process and can monitor the same in the app. Mi Air Purifier Price: Rs 10,999

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