Sofa Set For Living Room: Evaluate your Home With These Amazing Sofa Designs

A sofa set for the living room is not just a piece of furniture, it enhances and shows your standard of living. So if you are looking for a premium collection of sofas from brand Wakefit, Home Furniture, and more, check out our shortlisted sofa designs to evaluate the look of your living room. These prices are updated as of 21 September 2022.

By Srishty Kumari
Updated: Wed, 21 Sep 2022 11:07 AM IST
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Sofa Set For Living Room: Evaluate your Home With These Amazing Sofa Designs
Sofa Set | Image Source: Pixabay

Sofa Set For Living Room: Nowadays various options are available on the market to make your living room like heaven with their amazing designs. But a sofa set is not just a living room furniture to give you setting space, it's all about comfort and looks to enhance your house's beauty. So, when choosing a sofa set you should consider some qualities like its fabric material, wooden material, and more. 

Here we have curated a list to make your living home a happy space! with these 5 designer sofa sets. These amazing products are available online at affordable prices to look classy emitting a serene and subtle ambiance.  

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Sofa Set For Living Room: Best Picks For Your Home

Below we have picked some luxurious sofa designs with the best material and wooden quality to enhance your living standard. 

Home Furniture Wooden Sofa Set - 40% off

The home furniture wooden sofa set is structured with heavy-duty material for extended durability, follows the scientific principle, and is strong enough to hold various things. It's sturdy and solid for a long time and durable usage. Home Furniture Sofa Set Price: Rs 35,999.

Wakefit Napper L Shape Sofa Set - 35% off

Wakefit Napper L Shape Sofa Set is the perfect sofa for chilling with your family and friends. It is made of Neem wood and is durable. The covers come in a variety of colors from earthy to cool tones. Place the sofa set together or separately as per your need and give your room an aesthetic makeover. Wakefit Sofa Set Price: Rs 40,553.

Metallika Clayton 3-1-1 Sofa Set - 15% off

Metallika is a well-designed Indian furniture brand to occupy the exact space of your modern bedroom or living room & enrich your room’s lifestyle. These sofa sets have a good quality metal structure for strong & more steadiness, easy to clean, maintenance-free, with long-lasting powder coating paint. Metallika Sofa Set Price: Rs 25,100.

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Wakefit Dreamer 5 Seater Sofa Set - 35% off

Wakefit dreamer 5-seater sofa set is made of neem material for long-lasting performance and high-density foam with termite resistance. The attractive color of the cloth is made it unique and gives you comfort with good looking design. Wakefit Sofa Set Price: Rs 44,843.

Zikra Benitez Solid Wood Fabric L Shape Sofa Set - 38% off

Zikra’s sleek design with affluent features makes this sofa more than just a couch and their artisan touch with a sturdy look and an elegant back finish showcases quality craftsmanship to display as a floating sofa in the center of the living room.  Zikra Sofa Set Price: Rs 48,999.

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