Footwear For Men: Stylish And Cool Sliders For Your Husband, Brother, Friend, And So On

Footwear For Men: Choosing the appropriate footwear is essential for keeping your feet healthy. We frequently seek out comfy footwear for casual attire. Sliders for men are the perfect option for casual footwear. For both home and leisure use, their relaxed design and reliable comfort make them the ideal choice. The price of these slippers is updated as of 22nd September 2022.

By Sneha Singh
Updated: Thu, 22 Sep 2022 02:47 PM IST
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Footwear For Men: Stylish And Cool Sliders For Your Husband, Brother, Friend, And So On
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Footwear For Men: One of the most crucial aspects of men's comfort when leaving the house is their footwear. The sliders are the finest choice if you're looking for a trendy pair of men's slippers for informal occasions. They are wonderfully easy to put on and take off and extremely comfy. All ages of men put them on to look good and feel well. These men's slippers can be used for any informal occasion and with any attire. They are fashionable and stylish too.

Numerous alternatives are available for men’s sliders online from top companies like Red Tape, Puma, Adidas, etc. We have compiled a few of them in the list below so that you may choose from them with ease. These sliders are stylish and provide great durability. You can look smart by donning them as casual attire. 

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Footwear For Men:


To help you out in choosing the best footwear for men we have shortlisted some of them that you can check out:

Adidas mens Adilette Aqua Slipper


These black and white men slippers are perfect for relaxing at home or for a casual catch-up with friends. The well-structured footwear is open-toe and made of Synthetic.  There are many color options available in this slipper. Addidas Slipper Price: Rs 1402.

Puma Unisex Adult Slider


Smart and stylish, this Puma Slider gives comfort and can be worn easily. It features the brand logo on the strap. These pair of men slippers are available in many attractive colors and are a great choice for any season. If a man wants to feel comfortable, he can get this pair regardless of his age. Puma Slipper Price: Rs 999.

Red Tape Men's Slide Sandal


Want to relax in a pair of fashionable and comfortable shoes? Well, having a pair of sliders like this one from Red Tape in your collection might be a good idea. It comes with an ethylene vinyl acetate sole. This provides maximum comfort and durability. The shoe width is medium. There are three color options available. Red Tape Slipper Price: Rs 530.

Flite Men's Flip Flops Thong Slippersslider

This pair of men's sliders from Flite is known for offering maximum comfort. These slippers for men are lightweight and sturdy, making them ideal for casual wear. There are three color options- Black, Blue, and White. The sole is composed of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, and they are very simple to clean. Flite Slipper Price: Rs 290.

Crocs Unisex-Adult Classic Slide Sliders


This pair of men's slippers have a stylish design and defines comfort. This one is a great choice because it comes in a stylish black color. The sole is durable and has a medium shoe width. Men can wear it while relaxing on vacation, at home, and in other similar situations. There are many color options available in these sliders. Crocs Slipper Price: Rs 938.

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