How To Set Your Work From Home Office? 4 Hacks To Raise Your Productivity

Do you always feel lazy during work from home schedule? Are you too become bored and non-interested in the daily work-from-home routine or are you new to this working culture? Want to know how to set up your home office so as to boost your efficiency? Let’s see how it’s done!

How To Set Your Work From Home Office? 4 Hacks To Raise Your Productivity
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Work from home has become an inevitable part of a lot of people around the world. The fact that you don’t have to get read, you don’t have to travel to the office, and you can attend the morning meeting from your bed or couch wearing your pajamas somehow makes work from home a win-win for both, employees and employers. However, there’s a dark side or I rather say a downside to the continuous work-from-home schedule. You become quite worn out during this routine. A lot of working professionals have admitted that their productivity takes a downfall after doing work from home for a few months. 

Some have complaints about back pains while some have told they have experienced rising anxiety while others simply want to go out and work. All these troubles are quite common for people who have done work from home. So, how do we help? Well, we have some amazing hacks or methods using which you can make your work-from-home time a much more productive one. Let’s see what are those and how can you implement them:

Setting up your work-from-home office

How about getting some impeccable products to straighten up your work from home schedule and won’t put a load on your wallet too? Let’s quickly take at some of the finest work from home products that can bring back your productivity and smoothen your routine with perfection:

Work From Home: Hack#1 - Where To Sit?

This is one question whose answer keeps on changing from time to time. For someone working from home throughout the year, the workstation keeps on changing from one place to another. At one point, you may like to set up your table near the balcony or windows, especially during the summer and rainy seasons. On the other hand, if it's winter season, you may like to work from your bed wrapped under a cozy blanket. So yes, priority changes.

Also, a lot of times, people have empty rooms in their homes that are not used. Such spaces can be easily looked upon as a potential workstation at home. You should also keep in mind the space you’re choosing is a solitary one or a place where kids can easily access it. Such decisions make it possible to avoid interruptions during important meetings and calls.

We recommend you set up your workstation someplace that’s full of light (be it natural or artificial). It can be a corner of your living room where there’s enough light or near the window panes of your drawing room, or in a study where plenty of LEDs and lights are placed. Having a brighter environment offers you a much-rejuvenated environment for your mind and body to behave actively. 

Products That Can Help Your Work From Home:

Philips Twinglow 20-Watt +20-Watt Led Up-Down Batten Tubelight


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Livzing Multipurpose Foldable Study Desk - 31% Off

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Work From Home: Hack#2 - Prioritize Comfort

Whether you like it or not, if your seating arrangement isn’t good enough, you cannot sit efficiently to work for long stretches of time. This said, what’re the products you can actually use to make your sitting position more comfortable? 

Let’s start with an extremely comfy office chair. Typically, an office chair is a least-centric product you might look upon. However, wise and successful professionals always give the highest priority to the chair they’re going to sit upon. An uncomfortable chair would make you feel stressed, anxious, and also cramped at times when working for long hours. Hence, we advise you to go through the list of the best office chairs and get the right product for yourself. 

Here’re a few options you can look upon:

Green Soul® Jupiter Superb Office Chair - 54% Off


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INNOWIN Jazz-Legend High-Back Office Chair - 50% Off


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Green Soul Seoul X Office Chair - 35% Off


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In some cases, even though people opt for comfortable chairs, they still feel stressed, especially in their back due to some prior troubles or owing to constantly sitting in one posture at a time. To sort out this common work from home issue, you have to get a backrest or headrest that can be easily attached or placed on your chair. 

Some of the best options in this regard are:

HealthSense Back Support for Chair - 20% Off


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Dr Ortho Orthopaedic Back Support (Backrest) - 13% Off


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Work From Home: Hack#3 - Rest Your Arms Correctly

If you’re doing work from home for a long time now, you surely would be familiar with the trouble of keeping your arms in an upright position for a longer period of time. Nowadays, you can easily find out suitable armrests that can be attached to your work table. Generally, these armrests are made using A-grade plastic and are available with padded memory foam for comfort. 

You will be surprised how useful are these armrests when it comes to working relentlessly for hours and hours. Take a look at some of the purchasing options:

AB SALES Adjustable Computer Arm Rest - 44% Off


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RiaTech Wrist Rest Pad - 76% Off


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Work From Home: Hack#4 - Untangle Wires, Seamless Connectivity

Now that you’re done setting up your comfort, desk, and arms, it’s time to upgrade something else. A lot of time, you may find your home office surrounded by a web of wires like laptop cables, charging cables, and so on. This can be problematic and dangerous. Also, this can lead to a very negative vibe around you. A simple solution would be getting a good-quality extension board along with wire clips that can keep your workstation clean and organized - just the way you like it.

Havells 10V Heavy Duty 6A Four-Way 2400W Extension Board - 12% Off


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HSR Wire Clips Cable Protector Clips Desktop Cord Organizer - 67% Off


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In addition to this, if your decided working space is at that corner of your home, where Wi-Fi signals always go on and off, getting a top-notch wifi extender will ensure that your work remains uninterrupted throughout the day. 

Some of the online available wifi extenders are:

TP-Link AC750 Wifi Range Extender - 66% Off


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Netgear AC750 WiFi Range Extender - 51% Off


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Disclaimer: Jagran’s journalists were not involved in the production of this article. The prices mentioned here are updated with respect to Amazon.

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