Fully Automatic Washing Machines: Top Picks With 6kg, 7kg, and 8kg Capacity

Fully Automatic Washing Machines: if you are planning to buy a washing machine, then go for the fully automatic one for minimal manual effort. Get familiar with the best fully automatic washing machines here with 6kg, 7kg, and 8kg capacity, and select the best one that suits to your family.

By Sumit Bansal
Updated: Mon, 26 Sep 2022 06:33 PM IST
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Fully Automatic Washing Machines: Top Picks With 6kg, 7kg, and 8kg Capacity
Fully Automatic Washing Machines | Image Source: Pexels

Fully Automatic Washing Machines: Washing nowadays is one of the must-have products and we suggest you buy fully automatic washing machines for minimal effort, better washing, and faster drying. The new age washing comes with a number of wash programs that keeps the fabric in good condition and offers better wash. 

These fully automatic washing machines do not require any sort of manual effort and they are available in different capacities like 6 kg, 7kg, and 8 kg. Depending upon the family, select the capacity and the variant that you choose as they come with top load and front load washing machines. Select as per your requirements. 

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Fully Automatic Washing Machines

Choose the all-time best fully automatic machines for your family as per the budget and size. Select from the top picks. 

LG 7 Kg 5 Star Inverter Fully Automatic Washing Machine

LG washing machine

This LG Washing machine comes with a 5-star rating which is known for energy efficiency. It is a fully automatic washing machine that is suitable for 3-4 members and it also comes with a 1200 RPM spin speed for faster drying. 

This washing machine comes with 10 wash programs which are best for every type of fabric and has 6 motion DD technology that provides optimized motion combinations for each fabric. The touch control panel is in a sleek design that brings one-touch operation to all and it comes with a child lock to keep it safer. LG washing machine price: Rs 29,990

Samsung 6.0 Kg Front Loading Washing Machine

Samsung washing machine

Samsung washing machine is loaded with 10 wash programs and has a 1000 RPM spin speed that helps in faster drying and the 6KG fully washing machine is best suited for bachelors and couples. It comes with a powerful hygiene steam cycle that improves the cleaning quality of the wash. 

The digital smart inverter technology makes the washing more powerful and protects your clothes from being damaged. It comes with a wool fabric wash that washes the woolen clothes more efficiently. Samsung is one of the best washing machine brands in India. Samsung washing machine price: Rs 24,490

Whirlpool 6 Kg Top Loading Washing Machine

Whirlpool Washing machine

This Whirlpool washing machine comes with 12 wash programs and has 6th sense smart sensors that automatically sense and indicate low voltage and water conditions. This top loading washing machine comes with Sprio wash technology that gives 20% better washing with advanced wash motion for uniform and thorough washing. 

It is a perfect washing machine for hard water areas as it maintains the softness and color of your clothes without harming them. It is a 5-star rating product that is known for better energy savings. Whirlpool washing machine price: Rs 14,990

Panasonic 8 Kg Fully Automatic Washing Machine

Panasonic washing machine

This 8 kg washing machine comes with 8 wash programs and it comes with an 8 kg capacity which is quite suitable for big families. The 3-beat wash technology ensures thorough cleaning and removes dirt from the fibers. 

It comes with a unique cube tub design that creates a water magic flow for effective washing and less tangled clothes. Panasonic washing machine price: Rs 21,500

IFB 6.5 Kg Fully Automatic Washing Machine

washing machine

IFB is one of the leading washing machine brands, this 6.5 kg automatic washing machine comes with 5 star rating that helps to reduce your electricity bills and has a 1000 RPM spin speed for fast drying. It is loaded with 15 wash programs that are suited for all types of clothes making them look better. 

Buy the latest washing machine that is fully automatic and worth for money. IFB Washing machine Price: Rs 24,490

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