7 KG Front Load Washing Machine Price: Finest Picks For Your Home Laundry

7KG Front Load Washing Machine Price: looking for better-performing washing machine options? 7 KG washing machines are the best ones to choose for the long run with better energy-efficient, and better washing. Pick from top brands like LG, Samsung, IFB, and more.

By Sumit Bansal
Updated: Mon, 19 Sep 2022 01:43 PM IST
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7 KG Front Load Washing Machine Price: Finest Picks For Your Home Laundry
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7KG Front Load Washing Machine Price: Most of us found it challenging to understand the value and need of a front load washing machine. The front load washing machine provides better cleaning and saves electricity in the long run. It also delivers a higher spin speed resulting in fast drying without harming the fabric and a 7 kg capacity washing machine is suitable for small to medium families. 

To help you make the correct choice out of many options for a front load washing machine, we have listed the top front load washing machine price that is available online at a budget-friendly price. Select all the latest features from top brands like LG, Samsung, Bosch, and more. 

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7 Kg Front Load Washing Machine Price in India 

Check out the best front load washing machines online that are available at the best price in India here. These 7kg washing machines are best suited for couples and families with 4-5 members. 

LG 7 Kg Fully-Automatic Front Load Washing Machine

This LG washing machine comes with the best wash quality with energy and water efficiency. The 7 kg washing machine is suitable for small families having 3-4 members. It comes with 10 wash programs that are suitable for all types of fabrics. 

The 1200 RPM spin speed offers fast drying and the LG inverter direct drive technology helps to cut down the electricity consumption, and enhance washing performance and durability. LG Washing machine Price: Rs 29,990

Samsung AI Control & Wi-Fi Front Loading Washing Machine 

Samsung front load washing machine comes with a stainless steel diamond drum that is very gentle on the clothes and offers intelligent washing with Ai control. The 1200 RPM spin speed makes the drying fast without harming the fabric.  

As it has multiple wash programs, you can choose the 15-quick wash for the perfect solution for your busy life. It comes with intensive cleaning that helps to remove the toughest stains easily. It is one of the best fully automatic washing machines. Samsung Washing Machine Price: Rs 32,990

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Bosch 5-Star Front Loading Washing Machine

This Bosch washing machine comes with a hygienic wash that reduces bacteria by 99%  and has a 15-wash program. It comes with a 12 RPM spin speed for fast drying. The anti-tangle function keeps the clothes free from tangle and damage. 

Its unique design of drums is tough on stains & gentle on your clothes and it ensures low power consumption with higher cleaning efficiency. Bosch Washing Machine Price: Rs 34,499

IFB 7 Kg 5 Star Front Load Washing Machine

IFB washing machine

This fully automatic washing machine from IFB comes with a 10-wash program and a high spin speed for a fast drying process without harming the fabric. This IFB washing machine comes with a powerful dual steam cycle for power cleaning and it is built with an innovative stainless steel crescent moon drum design that creates a gentle wash on the cushion and prevents damage to the fabric. 

The IFB front load comes with an active color protection feature that protects the color of the fabric and it is one of the best washing machines. IFB Washing Machine Price: Rs 29,990

iFFALCON 7 Kg Front Load Washing Machine

Iffalcon washing machine

This iFFALCON washing machine comes with 16 wash programs for every fabric and has a 1200 RPM spin speed for fast drying.  This washing machine supports liquid and power-based detergent and for a quick wash, you can choose washi in time-saving mode. 

Its honeycomb crystal drum is designed to protect your clothes from any damage during the wash cycle and its diamond-shaped ridges ensure even delicate items receive a gentle wash. iFFALCON Washing Machine Price: Rs 16,990


Siemens 7KG Front Loading Washing Machine


washing machine

This front load washing machine from Siemens comes with anti-tangle features that minimize the laundry by up to 50% making it gentler in fabric and easier for iron. As it is a 5-star rating product, it helps you to save energy and reduce your electricity bills. 

It is loaded with 15 wash program that covers every type of fabric and has a perfect waterproof LED panel. The Anti-vibration side panels reduce the vibration and ensure greater stability during the washing process. Siemens Washing Machine Price: Rs 35,599

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