Best Sony Bravia TVs Of 2023: Enhance Your Daily Bing Watch Under Budget To Premium Range

Best Sony Bravia TVs Of 2023: Take your entertainment experience to the next level with Sony LED TV. You can spend a rewarding time with your family and friends by streaming content from various apps like Netflix, Youtube, etc on a 4K ultra display. Take a look!

Best Sony Bravia TVs Of 2023: Enhance Your Daily Bing Watch Under Budget To Premium Range
Best Sony Bravia TVs Of 2023 | Image Source: Pexels

Best Sony Bravia TVs Of 2023: Sony is known for its TV segment, which includes a wide range of TVs with different price tags. Sony TV has it all, whether you're looking for an affordable or smart TV with advanced features. In addition to various screen TVs such as LED, LCD, OLED, and QLED, the brand offers multiple resolutions such as FHD+, 4K, and 8K, allowing buyers to narrow down their choices.  

However, due to the extensive search results, it might be difficult to find the best Sony Bravia TV. Here we have tried to cover all Sony televisions with respective Sony TV prices and specifications like screen type, screen resolution, smart features like Wi-Fi, screen mirroring, connectivity, etc. to help make better decisions. 

Best Sony Bravia TVs Of 2023: Top Choices

Sony Bravia TVs Price In India
 Sony Bravia 55 inches 4K Ultra HD LED TV  Rs 85,740
 Sony Bravia 32 inches HD Ready Smart LED TV  Rs 26,990
 Sony Bravia 43 inches 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV  Rs 48,440
 Sony Bravia 50 inches Full HD LED Smart TV  Rs 49,999
 Sony Bravia 65 inches 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV  Rs 75,990

Here you will find all the top choices of Sony Bravia TV with all the needed details and Sony TV price that will help you to choose the right one. 

  1. Sony Bravia 55 inches 4K Ultra HD LED TV - 38% off

Sony 55 inch TV comes with unique features like Google TV, watchlist, Ok Google, Google Play, Chromecast, built-In mic, BRAVIA CAM support, and video call with additional features like Apple airplay, Apple home kit, and Alexa. 

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This Sony LED TV automatically switches into the game mode to minimize input lag and make the action more responsive. Sony 55 Inch TV Price: Rs 85,740

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  1. Sony Bravia 32 inches HD Ready Smart LED TV - 23% off

Sony TV 32 inch has advanced imaging technology that allows you to view bright and vivid views. The Motionflow XR feature adds extra frames between the originals. 

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Comparing visual factors on successive frames. Chromecast is built-in to cast your favorite videos, and apps from your mobile device, in full quality. Sony TV 32 Inch Price: Rs 26,990.

  1. Sony Bravia 43 inches 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV - 31% off

A classy stand with cable MGMT makes this Sony Bravia 43 inch TV look luxurious it focuses you on the picture, not the television’s problem. 

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Get rid of ventilation holes and harmful dust on the back of the smart TV, as this Sony TV comes with X-protection pro features and an anti-humidity coating. 43 Inch Sony TV Price: Rs 48,440.

  1. Sony Bravia 50 inches Full HD LED Smart TV - 33% off

Sony LED TV’s powerful bass captures the essence of action and dance scenes, making everything feel more realistic.

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This Sony Bravia TV model allows you to enjoy a hassle-free experience by simply toggling between the smart TV and the STB button on the top of the remote. 50 Inch Sony TV Price: Rs 49,999.

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  1. Sony Bravia 65 inches 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV - 46% off

This Sony Bravia TV features Google TV, watchlist, voice search, Google play, Chromecast, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video, with additional features Apple Airplay, Apple home kit, and Alexa display. 

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Sony LED TV can upscale 2K images closer to 4K resolution making them clearer, more vibrant, and more natural. 65 Inch Sony LED TV Price: Rs 75,990

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FAQ: Best Sony Bravia TVs Of 2023

  1. Is A Sony Bravia TV a smart TV?

Yes, Sony TV has launched its first line of Android TV Bravia models, allowing users to easily access content from services like YouTube, Netflix, and Hulu.

  1. What is so special about Sony Bravia?

Sony TV's new Bravia is available in 65, 75, and 85 inch screen sizes and uses a full range of LED panels. It's also compatible with Dolby Vision and HDR10 to give you sharp images, excellent contrast, and rich colors.

  1. Which is better Sony Bravia or LG Smart TV?

Sony LED TV models are much better than LG LED TV because they are brighter, have better uniformity, and generally have better contrast.

  1. Can Sony Bravia TV connect to the Internet?

Get wireless internet access on your WiFi-enabled BRAVIA HDTV with the UWA-BR100 WiFi Adapter.

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