Best LED TV In India: The Ideal Options For 55 Inch Screen Display

Best LED TV In India: If you want to upgrade your movie viewing experience to the next level without burning a hole in your pocket, then LED TVs can be the finest option for you. LED TVs consume less power and give us a 4K Ultra viewing experience. These options are available in a size 55 inch screen display that is a perfect size for a large room. Take a look!

Best LED TV In India: The Ideal Options For 55 Inch Screen Display
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Best LED TV In India: Choosing the best TV size sounds very easy but the actual struggle knows the people who are really seeking the best fit for their sweet spot. Well! There are 5 to 6 basic television sizes in the market from which we have to choose the right one for us. 32 inch TV & 43 inch TVs are made for small or medium size walls to cover them properly, 50 to 55 inch size is perfect for medium or large rooms, and 65 inch is an absolutely fine choice for big areas. 

But if you are looking for a large room or medium size area which has enough space then you should go with 55 inch TVs. Here we have picked some of the finest options of 55 inches TVs from well-known brands to add spice to your entertainment time. Moreover, these TVs will offer you feature like Dolby sound, multiple connectivities, 4k ultra view, LED screen, Alexa, Google assistance, a high-resolution display, and many more. 

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Best LED TV In India: Popular Picks

LED TVs Price In India
Sony Bravia 55 inches 4K Ultra HD Smart LED Google TV  Rs 68,390
Samsung 55 inches 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV  Rs 46,990
LG 55 inches 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV  Rs 49,490
OnePlus 55 inches U Series 4K LED Smart Android TV  Rs 42,999
Redmi Smart TV X55 138.8cm (55 inches) Black LED TV  Rs 39,999

Below you will find top choices of 55-inch LED TVs from LG, Sony, Samsung, and more well-known brands to make your home smarter. 

Sony Bravia 55 inches 4K Ultra HD Smart LED Google TV - 32% off

The unique technology of this smart TV expands the existing colors of the image to the reproducible colors of the TV. 

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This smart Andriod TV upscales the visuals with 4K X reality pro even when the images are shot in 2K or full HD. Sony TVs give you chance to enjoy pure and natural audio with clear phase technology. 55 Inch Sony TV Price: Rs 68,390.

Samsung 55 inches Crystal 4K Neo Series Ultra HD Smart LED TV - 43% off

Samsung TV brings reality to your television screen with colors represented in their true state. 

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This LED TV has Q Symphony uniquely that allows television and soundbar speakers to operate simultaneously for better surround effects without muting TV speakers. You'll also experience more lifelike color expressions due to its sophisticated color-mapping technology. 55 Inch Samsung TV Price: Rs 46,990

LG 55 inches 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV - 39% Off

LG TV has an advanced image processor that adjusts color for richer, more natural images to enjoy the beauty of nature’s true colors on your TV screen and give you access to connected smart devices remotely from one big screen.

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With Dolby Audio, you can experience clearer, more immersive theater-quality sound at home on your TV. 55 Inch LG TV Price: Rs 49,490.


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OnePlus 55 inches U Series 4K LED Smart Android TV - 28% Off

OnePlus TV presents you with multi-connectivity features like 3 HDMI ports to connect a set-top box, Blu-Ray players, a gaming console, and 2 USB ports to connect hard drives and other USB devices. 

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With other smart features, you will enjoy android TV 10, hands-free voice control, google assistant, OnePlus connect 2.0, OxygenPlay 2.0, data saver plus, kids mode, and game mode. 55 Inch OnePlus TV Price: Rs 42,999

Redmi Smart TV X55 138.8cm (55 inches) Black LED TV - 27% off

Redmi TV has impeccable visual clarity with over 8 million pixels for an ultra-high definition viewing experience. 

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Their Dolby Vision brings colors and details on the screen to life, Just as the creator intended it to be. Redmi LED TV has a fluid display with intelligent frame insertion for blur-free visuals for sports and games. 55 Inch Redmi TV Price: Rs 39,999.

FAQ: Best LED TV In India

Is 55 inch TV good for a small room?

55 inch TV is too bigger for a small size room but if your room has enough space then it's a perfect fit. 55 inch TV is also the best choice for a small size living room. 

What size of LED TV is best?

If the viewing distance from TV is between 4-6 ft, buy a 32-inch unit. But if the distance is more, say between 5-8 ft, opt for a 40 to 42 inch TV.

Which is better for TV LED or LCD?

When comparing LCD vs LED on the parameter of brightness, an LED TV stands out as a winner.

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