Best 50 Inch TV In India: With Dolby Audio To Add Memories And Crispy Dialogues

Best 50 Inch TV In India: The 50 Inch smart TV is ideal for big living rooms, it comes with a stylish design, impressive performance, long shelf life, and Dolby Audio to ensure complete entertainment at home. Here we have listed a few best smart TVs from 50 inch sizes with Dolby audio to stream your fav movies and shows on a bigger screen with crispy dialogues. Take a look!

Best 50 Inch TV In India: With Dolby Audio To Add Memories And Crispy Dialogues
Best 50 Inch TV In India | Image Source: Unsplash

Best 50 Inch TV In India: Selecting a smart TV for your smart home is a very difficult task, especially when it comes to features. But if you are looking to purchase a smart TV with a 50 inch size and Dolby Audio to enhance the sound experience, then you are landed at the right place. After so many searches here we have picked a few best-performed 50 inch smart TV with Dolby from brands like Mi, Redmi, OnePlus, TCL, and Vu to add crispy memories to your family time. 

These 50 inch smart TVs with Dolby audio are ideal for a 10 x 10 size bedroom or living room to comfortably watch your favorite shows, series, movies, or music with an amazing sound experience. 

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Best 50 Inch TV With Dolby Audio: Popular Picks 

Here we have picked popular 50 inch smart TVs with Dolby sound from brands like Mi, Redmi, Samsung, Vu, and OnePlus to make your entertainment time memorable with crispy dialogues. 

Redmi 50 inches 4K Ultra HD Android Smart LED TV - 36% off

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Redmi has Dolby Vision which brings colors and details on the screen to life, Just as the creator intended it to be, and their Dolby Audio takes your audio experience to a different level altogether, with high-quality surround sound. With Chromecast connectivity, you can quickly cast photos, videos, and music from your favorite device onto the TV. Redmi 50 Inch Smart TV Price: Rs 28,999

Mi 50 inch 5X Series 4K Ultra HD LED Smart TV - 33% off

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Mi smart TV is built-in with Chromecast that effortlessly casts photos, videos, and music from your favorite device to the TV. This smart TV has high-quality audio to take you in with truly immersive technology from Dolby and a bezel-less full-screen to experience a premium aesthetic to elevate your home decor. Mi 50 Inch Smart TV Price: Rs 39,999

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OnePlus 50 inch U Series 4K LED Smart Android TV - 26% off

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OnePlus smart TV has outstanding features like android TV 10, hands-free voice control, google assistant, OnePlus connect 2.0, OxygenPlay 2.0, data saver plus, kids mode, and game mode. The OnePlus TV delivers booming stereo and a well-balanced sound profile for a cinematic sound experience. This TV can easily connect to a set-top box, Blu-Ray players, and gaming console with 3 HDMI ports, and hard drives & other USB devices can connect with 2 USB ports. OnePlus 50 Inch Smart TV Price: Rs 36,999

TCL 50 inch 4K Ultra HD Certified Android Smart LED TV - 54% off

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TCL AI-IN offers the TV on & off and connects with your smart home devices only by using your voice. With Dolby Audio you will enjoy the ultra-realistic, enhanced sound that will be going to make your entertainment time memorable. It has a dynamic color enhancement feature from a low color display to a high color display when playing videos and natural pictures. TCL 50 Inch Smart TV Price: Rs 28,990

Vu 50 Inch Premium 4K Series Smart Android LED TV - 33% off 

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Vu Premium TV with a panoramic wide viewing angle technique protects the picture quality through different viewing angles. Their in-built sound system provides large-size box speaker solutions adopting large drivers producing amazing bass and treble, putting you in an immersive surrounding environment. Vu 50 Inch Smart TV Price: Rs 30,000


Sony Bravia 50 inches 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV - 28% off

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Sony’s unique technology expands the existing colors of the images to the reproducible colors of the TV. Chromecast is built-in to cast your favorite videos, and apps from your mobile device, in full quality. Dolby audio support gives you an impressive audio experience. 50 Inch Sony TV Price: Rs 80,000.

Most Asked Questions: 

Most people like to take suggestions for the best size and features before buying a smart tv. well! to answer your all concerns here we have picked a few most frequently asked questions about television. 

Does your TV need to have Dolby Atmos?

Yes, because Tv with Dobly atom expands on existing surround sound systems by adding height channels and allowing sounds to be interpreted as three-dimensional objects.

Does Dolby Atmos improve sound quality?

It's worth the investment if you're planning to set up a home theater or want to take your entertainment to the next level. Whether you're watching movies, playing video games, listening to music, or recording, upgrading to Dolby Atmos will improve your audio experience.


Are 50 inches good for a TV?

Definitely, A 4K image looks the same or better on a 50-inch TV than it does on a 55- or 65-inch TV. You might have to sit a little closer to get the same immersion on a 50-inch TV than on a larger TV, but this is plenty big enough for a modest TV in your living room. 


Is a 50 inch TV too big for a room?

Yes, it is the most popular size for a big room but not for a big hallway. It is better to purchase a TV with a higher TV resolution. 


Where do you put a 50 inch TV?

A 50 inch TV should be mounted with the top of the TV approximately 67 inches from the floor. You can measure how far down the TV the mount attaches to know how many inches below 67 to install the mount.



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