External Hard Disk: 1TB, 2TB, 4TB Hard Disk That Gives You A Large Storage Capacity

External Hard Disk: Because it is quicker than DVDs and can hold a lot of data, an external hard drive is the best option. Your laptop or other gadgets won't run out of space if you have a hard disk. For storing large data or files you need 4TB and for a shorter one 1TB or 2TB is sufficient. We have listed all the options for you in this article. The prices of these External Hard disks are updated as of 20th Sep 2022.

By Sneha Singh
Updated: Tue, 20 Sep 2022 10:40 AM IST
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External Hard Disk: 1TB, 2TB, 4TB Hard Disk That Gives You A Large Storage Capacity
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External Hard Disk: To save large data and files and make your device run faster you need a hard disk  An external hard disk provides more storage space for your data. You can only access data stored on an external hard drive while it is plugged into your computer. Keeping track of your data is more important than ever in today's digital world. You can use an external hard drive to keep files that you don't use very often.

External hard disk is durable and runs faster and keeps your data and files extremely secure. This electronic is non-volatile so even if there is no power supply your data won't tend to lose.  The cost of an HDD depends on the capacity and size. The External hard disks 1TB, 2TB, and 4TB strike a balance between cost and utility.  


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External Hard Disk

We've compiled a list of the best hard disk with memory capacity as per your need:

Seagate Expansion 2TB External HDD- 21% off

hard disk

The stylish, sleek, and portable Seagate Expansion 2TB External HDD can save all your photos, video, music, and official file securely. You can easily set up backups with this hard drive using a fine drag-and-drop action. Since it is fixed inside your laptop, computer, or Macbook it cannot get lost.  2TB hard disk price: Rs 5,499.

Western Digital WD 1TB- 48% off

hard disk

With password protection Western Digital WD 1TB keeps all your file and data confidential and secured. As soon as you receive this hard drive, connect it to your computer via the USB 3.0 cable. You can choose among the various color options like- Black, Blue, White, Navy Blue, and Red. Comes with automatic back up making it easy to use. 1 TB hard disk price- Rs 4,199.

Adata HD650 4TB USB 3.0- 51% off

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If you are looking for saving adequate space of data at an affordable cost then you can go for Adata HD650 4TB. With USB 3.0 and 90 Megabytes Per Second speed, your data can be saved in a shorter period. This external hard disk is waterproof, dustproof, and highly resistant to scratching, and even fingerprint smudges for extreme mobile data protection. 4TB hard disk price:  Rs 8,769.

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Toshiba Canvio Ready 2TB- 46% off

hard disk

Pick up the flawless external hard disk from Toshiba Canvio that has a good storage capacity and high transfer speed. You do not require any software installation, just plug and play. With USB 3.0 it can save data quickly. The distinctive two-tone matte and gloss black finish make the HDD both stylish and easy to carry. 2TB hard disk price: Rs 5,299.

Seagate One Touch 2TB - 30% off

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Seagate One Touch 2TB can safely and easily manage 2 TB of photos, videos, movies, and more with hardware encrypted password protection. The external hard disk assists you in creating a backup of all your files with an extra layer of protection for your data. With a single click or schedule of automatic daily, weekly, or monthly backups, the external hard drive backs up all the files for Windows or Mac. 2TB hard disk price: Rs 5,599.

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Advantages of External Hard Disk:

  • In general, a conventional hard drive will be less expensive than a Solid-state drive with a similar capacity.

  • It can store data like text documents, pictures, videos, audio, files, etc.

  • In terms of storage capacity, a user has several larger options available in HDD.

  • It can easily be replaced and upgraded

  • Usually fixed inside a computer so can't get lost.

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