Best Steam Irons Under 5000: Get A Polished, Wrinkle Free And Crisp Clothes Faster

Best Steam Irons Under 5000: Going to the office with crumbled clothes can leave a bad impression. To look smart and professional the most important aspect is your attire. Also with the limited time, we want to iron our clothes faster with perfection. Steam iron not only helps in fast ironing but also steams them according to the fabric. The prices of these steam irons are updated as of 19th Sep 2022.

By Sneha Singh
Updated: Sun, 25 Sep 2022 11:49 PM IST
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Best Steam Irons Under 5000: Get A Polished, Wrinkle Free And Crisp Clothes Faster
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Best Steam Irons Under 5000: Buying branded and new clothes are not sufficient until you keep them properly. To make clothes durable and last longer both cleaning and ironing are required. No one likes stubborn creases on their clothes as it makes you look untidy. While going to the office or school crisp ironed clothes enhances your personality and makes you look smart. For quick and perfect ironing of clothes, a steam iron is the best choice. They are safer to use and give you a professional look. Not only clothes they can also conveniently iron thick and long curtains so that you do not have to go outside. 

The best steam iron comes with a host of features and comes with a timer inside. They automatically switch off after ten minutes of inactivity. Since many people forget to unplug their irons and end up doing something else, this is a tremendous lifesaver. Now ironing your clothes is easy and time-saving with the help of steam irons. 

Best Steam Irons Under 5000

These steam irons heat up faster than the traditional ones. The adjustable temperature and steam setting features can iron your clothes to perfection. Check out the best steam irons:

Wipro Vesta 1380W Cordless Steam Iron


Wipro Steam Iron removes creases easily and gives crisp and wrinkle-free clothes with power steam and spray function. The uniform heat distribution helps you in ironing clothes easily as they come without a chord. It also features an auto-clean function, scratch-resistant, and easy glide ceramic soleplate. The five fabric settings do not cause any damage to your clothes. Wipro Steam Iron Price: Rs 1799.

Philips GC1905 1440-Watt Steam Iron


The Philips Steam Iron with 1440 Watt power gives constant high steam output and heats up the iron quickly. You can get well-ironed clothes in a single stroke. Even the most stubborn creases get removed with this steam iron. Easy and super fast filling and empty of the water tank and a fine spray evenly moistening the fabric making it easier to iron. Within a few minutes, you can get a crisp and new-looking shirt making it the best iron for home use. Philips Steam Iron Price: Rs 1599.

HAVELLS Fabio 1250 W Steam Iron


The steam iron from Havells comes with a 360-degree swivel cord so that you can freely move the iron in different directions while pressing clothes. With the thermostatic control dial, you can adjust the temperature easily. It comes with a  230 ml water tank so that you can steam for a longer period of time. Havells Steam Iron Price: Rs 1149.

Usha Garment Steamer


The 920 W Power with powerful Steam Output this Usha Steamer removes wrinkles easily without ironing. This makes your clothes look brand new just like showroom clothes. They also kill odors causing bacteria thus leaving a pleasing fragrance. You can steam all types of fabric easily and are gentle on clothes. Usha Garment Steamer Price: Rs 3109.

Philips Handheld Garment Steamer 


Now steaming clothes both horizontally and vertically is easier with the help of Philips Garment Steamer. Since these are light and compact sizes you can carry them while traveling. You do not require any iron board and can be done easily with your hands. This comes with a detachable water tank for easier filling. Philips Garment Steamer Price: Rs 4558.

Morphy Richards Steam Iron


Morphy Richards Steam Iron comes with Vertical ironing and self-cleaning function. This soleplate of this iron has 46 steam holes, which are in charge of producing the ideal balance of heat and steam. The ceramic-coated soleplate facilitates even heat distribution of heat and gives a smooth glide. Morphy Richards Steam Iron Price: Rs 1899.

Best Steam Irons Under 5000: Why to use?

  • Makes ironing faster and easier
  • Suitable for all fabric
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Safe to use

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