Best Electric Chimneys In India: A Neat Kitchen Free From Smoke And Bad Odor

Best Electric Chimneys In India: Indian cuisine emphasizes multitasking and using a variety of spices and oils. It is tough to breathe and remain in the kitchen due to all of these sources of smoke and odors. An electric chimney can help in absorbing heat and trapping grease particles. It helps in keeping your kitchen tidy. The prices of these electric chimneys are updated as of 19th Sep 2022.

Best Electric Chimneys In India: A Neat Kitchen Free From Smoke And Bad Odor
Best electric chimneys in India | Image courtesy: Pexels

Best Electric Chimneys In India: Every woman spends most of her time in the kitchen preparing three meals every day. While cooking, there is smoke, wall stains, and an offensive odor. Therefore, the finest appliance for keeping your kitchen tidy and clean is a chimney. An electric chimney is very helpful and necessary in a modular kitchen to protect costly tiles, stones, granite, and other materials from sticky vapors. Smoke is the biggest problem in your kitchen, and the best kitchen chimney is made to rapidly absorb all the smoke. As a result, your kitchen can become odor- and smoke-free. So you should choose an electric chimney if you enjoy adding spices to your cuisine and have a stylish kitchen

They not only reduce heat and removes bad odor but also give a stylish and modern touch to your modular kitchen. It also prevents you from sneezing while cooking spicy food. Besides being efficient it operates silently so you can carry out all the kitchen chores peacefully. You will have an oil-free kitchen with the help of these chimneys.

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Best Electric Chimneys In India:

To keep your kitchen clean and friendly install the best one and place it above the cooktop to absorb heat directly. Check out our recommendations for the best chimney brand in India:

Faber Autoclean Chimney


This Faber Chimeny comes with Auto clean technology which helps you to clean the chimney with a single touch. The oil collector cup collects oils and others dust making it easy to keep the chimney clean. You do not need any manual cleaning and everything is done automatically. This chimney comes with a powerful motor to enable a suction power of 1200 m3/hr keeping your kitchen free from smoke. Faber Chimney Price: Rs 11,990.

Elica Chimney


This stylish chimney from Elica gives your modular kitchen a sophisticated look. It sets your kitchen from dust, smoke, and fumes and keeps them cool. The pyramid shape design can be easily installed in your kitchen above the gas. The LED lights will brighten your cooking area. Elica Chimney Price: Rs 5799.

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Inalsa Pyramid Chimney


Inalsa Chimney comes with 3 fan speeds to choose from high, medium, and low suction. It comes with baffle filters to effectively capture grease and cooking odors and keep the air clean. You can be assured that this is an energy-saving alternative for stylishly lighting up your cooking area with the help of inbuilt 2W LED illumination. It clears the harmful bacteria present in the air while cooking. Inalsa Chimeny Price: Rs 6199.

Whirlpool 60 cm 1100 


With the charming and stylish design of this Whirlpool Chimeny, you can add grace to your kitchen. It comes with a good suction power to absorb all the heat and smoke. Through just the wave of a hand, you can control the temperature as it comes with motion-sensing technology. This kitchen appliance also has a LED lamp that provides high efficiency. Whirlpool Chimeny Price: Rs 10,990.

Hindware Auto-Clean Kitchen Chimney


This wall-mounted chimney from Hindware comes with a powerful motor that provides 1350 m3/hr suction capacity, suitable for heavy frying. There is a screen to prevent contact with the motor and blower assembly to provide optimum suction. This chimney is perfect for Indian cooking. Hindware Chimney Price: Rs 12,799.

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