Stunning Drone Camera To Capture Your World

Drone Camera: If you are passionate about photography or videography and wish to capture this beautiful nature or event at the height of the sky. Then you should consider a drone camera for an amazing experience of photography. Here you will get various options of drone cameras from well-known brands to give you a stunning result.

Stunning Drone Camera To Capture Your World
Drone Camera | Image source: Unsplash

Stunning Drone Camera: Nowadays photography is coming a passion as well as a profession for our youngsters. If you are also interested in doing experiments in your photography journey then a drone camera is going to make your photography experience stunning, with its amazing features like GPS-guided missiles, navigation systems, sensors, and various other drone software and hardware. Drones can come in a broad range of shapes and sizes with various functions.

Well! In this article, we have curated outstanding options for Drone cameras to make your capturing experience remarkable. Just take a look!


Stunning Drone Camera: Capture It All

Drone Camera

Price In India

 Blessbe HD Wifi Camera Foldable Drone  Rs 6,499
 Nilay Drone with 4K Camera Live Video  Rs 5,999
 Marvella Remote Control Wi-Fi Camera Foldable Drone  Rs 4,999
 PIONEER POSITION HOLDING Foldable Drone With 4K Camera  Rs 5,999
 Nilay Drone with 4K Camera Live Video  Rs 5,999
 Marvella Remote Control Wi-Fi Camera Foldable Drone  Rs 4,999
 PIONEER POSITION HOLDING Foldable Drone  Rs 5,999

Here are listed a few stunning drone cameras to capture your world from height. These drones offer you a clearer image of the entire neighborhood and showcase all angles of a home. 

Super Toy 2.4G Rc Drone - 67% off

This drone camera is having amazing features like headless mode, one-key return, 3D tumbling stunt, LED navigation light, forward, backward, left, right, built-in gyro, altitude hold, stable hovering, etc to give you stunning photography results. 

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It has 340gm weight, 50-55 meters flying height, 8-10 min flying time, and 40-45 min charging time, it is perfect for beginners. SUPER TOY Drone Camera Price: Rs 1,999


Blessbe HD Wifi Camera Foldable Drone - 35% off

Blessbe drone camera comes with a dual camera with one of its HD wide angle lenses that can take selfies easily by hand gestures and supports remote control of aerial shooting angle with easy switching b/w dual cameras. 

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Choosing this drone price with camera will be the best pick because it is designed to be portable, and the quadcopter features a foldable arm design, allowing for carrying anywhere on the go. Blessbe Drone Camera Price: Rs 6,499.

SUPER TOY Remote Control Wi-Fi Camera Drone - 60% off

SUPER TOY Wi-Fi camera drone is a professional quadcopter with a 2.4G RC helicopter toy. 

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This camera drone has amazing features like headless mode, hovering function, one key takeoff/landing, 360-degree rolling, 2.4GHz radio, wider control range, anti-interference of wind, LED light, video recording, and FPV real-time. SUPER TOY Drone Camera Price: Rs 3,999.

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Amitasha Wi-Fi Selfie Gesture Foldable Dual Camera Drone - 38% off

This high-rated drone camera has amazing features like a dual camera to capture the whole moment, foldable wings for 

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easy carry, 360 flip stunts, headless mode, one key take-off & landing, direction control, fine-tuning, zoom, gravity indication, etc to make your drone experience forever green and seize your priceless memories. Amitasha Drone Camera Price: Rs 6,199

Nilay Drone with 4K Camera Live Video - 40% off

Nilay Drone comes with a 3.7V 1200mAh Li Po battery to give you long-lasting performance and has amazing features like

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Wifi camera, 480p camera, 360° flip, headless mode, altitude hold, one key take-off or landing, and many more. Nilay Drone Camera Price: Rs 5,999.

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Marvella Remote Control Wi-Fi Camera Foldable Drone - 50% off

Marvella drone is made from ABS plastic material to work hard, with a 380 mAh Li-Po battery. 

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It has features like Wifi app control, HD camera, headless mode, altitude hold, hover, 360 flip stunts, and many amazing features to make your imagination into reality. Marvella Drone Camera Price: Rs 4,999.

PIONEER POSITION HOLDING Foldable Drone With 4K Camera - 70% off

PIONEER has an optical flow function that contributes to the apparent motion of the image of scene points. 

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This drone is loaded with tons of features: HD wide-angle lens, hand gesture selfie, camera switching, auto return, headless mode, roll 360° Flights, speed switching, master mode, emergency stop, & app control. PIONEER Drone Camera Price: Rs 5,999.


JENDI Drone With 480P 4K Camera - 40% off

Know about the JENDI drone price with camera which is coming in plastic material and black color. These camera drone 4K have also wi-fi communication technology. 

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This is an amazing black color drone camera 4K with HD 120 wide-angle camera. You can buy these stunning drone cameras for aerial photography and videography. JENDI Drone Camera Price: Rs 5,999.


FAQ: Stunning Drone Camera


1. How much does a drone camera cost?

The Drone price with camera is between ₹45,000 - ₹55,000 per Piece which can fluctuate over time.


2. How long can drones fly?

The average flight time for a mid-tier drone camera 4K is around 22 minutes. The average flight time for a high-end consumer camera drone 4K is around 28 minutes.

3. How long can drones fly?

The average flight time for mid-tier drones is around 22 minutes. The average flight time for high-end consumer drones is around 28 minutes.


4. How far can drones fly?

A high-end consumer drone camera might have a range of about 2.5 to 4.5 miles (4 to 8 kilometers), while a toy drone might only have a range of 20 to 100 yards.


5. How high can drones fly?

The highest-flying drone camera for commercial use is just over 22,000 feet. But under FAA rules, the maximum allowable height for high-altitude commercial drones is 400 feet above the ground.


6. Can a drone fly over private property?

If a drone camera flies over private property without the person's permission, the drone operator could be liable for trespassing.



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