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    Valentine Week 2023 Full List Gift Ideas For Your Girlfriend To Celebrate This Romantic Week

    Valentine Week 2023: The month of love is arriving and this is the time to express your undying love to your partner. From Rose Day to Valentine's Day make her feel special with a romantic date. What’s missing? Spring for the finest Valentine gift for her and make this a precious one.

    By Sneha Singh
    Updated: Tue, 07 Feb 2023 11:05 AM (IST)
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    Valentine Week 2023 Full List Gift Ideas For Your Girlfriend To Celebrate This Romantic Week


    Valentine Week 2023: The most awaited time of the year for love birds is finally here. Valentine's Day which falls on February 14th is the day to make her feel on top of the world. Express how much you appreciate and love her with some amazing Valentine's gifts for her. Whether you have known your partner for a long time or you have been dating for only a couple of months, it is always a tricky thing to pick out the perfect Valentine's Day gift that will make her feel on top of the world and the most loved person on the planet!

    Valentine Week starts on the 7th of February with Rose Day and then on the 14th is Valentine's Day. Celebrate this special day of love "Valentine's Day" with a candlelight dinner and surprise her with the best gift that will make her awestruck. 

    Choosing the right and useful gift for her for Valentine's Day 2023 can be a touchy and tricky one. While purchasing a gift for her you should keep in mind her likes and dislikes. We are sure you do not want to dishearten your partner with something that she dislikes. To make her feel on top of the world why not try surprising her with small and cute gifts on the whole Valentine Week 2023?

    So, if you are confused about Valentine's Day 2023 then you can check out the dates.

    List Of The Days On Valentine Week 2023


    Valentine Week 2023

    Valentine's Day

    7th Feb 2023 Rose Day  Tuesday
    8th Feb 2023 Propose Day Wednesday 
    9th Feb 2023 Chocolate Day Thursday 
    10th Feb 2023 Teddy Day Friday 
    11th Feb 2023 Promise Day  Saturday 
    12th Feb 2023 Hug Day  Sunday 
    13th Feb 2023 Kiss Day  Monday 
    14th Feb 2023 Valentines Day Tuesday


    The person in love can feel the delicateness and importance of each day, even if most of them might find it foolish.  We understand that there is no special day for love and this should be expressed every day. However, this Valentine's Day is dedicated only to loved ones and this is the time when you can make your partner go crazy with your emotions and gifts. So use these gifts to surprise your girlfriend every day of the week and enjoy the most amazing Valentine Week ever!

    Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

    Valentine Week 2023  Gift Ideas


    Zeneme Jewellery Set Rs 413
    Fossil Gen 5E Smartwatch  Rs 14,795
    Apple iPhone 13 (128GB) - Blue  Rs 61,900
    Hidesign Women's Shoulder Bag  Rs 4,998
    Lymio Dresses for Women  Rs 449
    HUG 'n' FEEL SOFT TOYS Teddy bear Rs 900
    Blue Heaven MakeUp Kit  Rs 985
    Samsung Galaxy Tab A7  Rs 11,999 
    Pix Art Photo Customized Cushion  Rs 302
    My Chocolate Dark Chocolates  Rs 399
    IFB 20 L Convection Microwave Oven Rs 10,790

    Valentine Week 2023

    Fortunately, we have got our hands on some of the best Valentine gifts for her that will help you nail the day of romance in your own way. We have some unique gift ideas for Valentine's Day 2023 that your girlfriend, wife, or fiancee will love.

    1. Zeneme Jewellery Set

    They say diamonds are a girl's best friend. But not everyone can afford that. If your partner loves jewelry then this Necklace Set with Earrings, bracelets, and rings will definitely bring a smile to her

    valentine week

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    face this Valentine's Day 2023. The gold pleated and high-quality American diamond set comes in variant colors and you can select whichever your partner loves.  Jewellery Set Price: Rs 413.

    2. Fossil Gen 5E Smartwatch

    Are you looking for some useful yet stylish Valentine gift ideas for her? Explore this Fossil Smartwatch that comes in great design and the latest features. If your partner has an iPhone or Android phone she

    valentine week

    Check Here

    can easily use this as the watch is compatible with both. You can gift this on any day of Valentine Week. She can wear this to the office, gym, or even parties. Smartwatch Price: Rs  14,795.

    3. Apple iPhone 13 (128GB) - Blue

    If your girlfriend loves phones and wants to get updated with all the latest ones then this Apple iPhone 13 is a great choice for Valentine's day gift. There are many stylish color variants that are

    valentine week

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    available in this model. If you know her choice well then the selection of colors will be quite easier. She will love to flaunt this gift in front of her friends. Apple iPhone 13 Price: Rs 61,900.

    4. Hidesign Women's Shoulder Bag

    Many girls are fond of branded bags and this one from Hidesign can be a great addition. The elegant and sophisticated design of the bag is crafted of leather. She can wear this for both office and casual

    valentine week

    Check Here

    occasions. Make Valentine Week 2023  unique with this eye catchy gift. This bag is designed with a twist lock closure with a double handle. Hidesign Handbag Price: Rs 4,998.

    5. Lymio Dresses for Women

    For a stylish and fashionista wife this short floral print dress is a great Valentine's Day gift for her. If you are planning to go on a beach holiday then this dress will make her look beautiful and also keep

    valentine week

    Check Here

    comfortable. She can wear this even while going to any party or an evening catch-up with friends. Make sure your Valentine gift ideas are the best and something out of the box. The dress is made of 95% Polyester and 5% Spandex. Dress Price: Rs 449.

    6. HUG 'n' FEEL SOFT TOYS Teddy bear

    Not only on teddy day but you can gift this on Valentine's Day too. Many girls love soft toys and this red color goes well with the occasion. You can surprise her with this gift on any day of Valentine Week.

    valentine week

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    Although there are many colors in this soft toy, however, red is the color of love and so this one will the right choice. The size of the teddy bear is 4 feet. Teddy bear Price: Rs 900.

    7. Blue Heaven MakeUp Kit

    Girls love wearing the perfect makeup.  Why not get a complete makeup kit for her this Valentine's Day 2023? She will be amazed by your gift as this was not something she expected. This Blue

    valentine week

    Check Here

    Heaven kit has all the items that are needed for makeup. There are 10 products in this kit- primer, foundation, fixer, lipstick, and lots more. Do not forget to keep a sweet little note expressing your love. Blue Heaven Make Up Kit Price: Rs 985.

    8. Samsung Galaxy Tab A7

    Think about Valentine gifts for her who is too occupied with office work. Getting a tab can be helpful, especially with her office works. Even if your partner loves reading novels then she can use this

    valentine week

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    efficiently while traveling in a metro, bus, or auto. She can also watch movies and listen to music whenever she wants on this device. Samsung Tab Price: Rs 11,999.

    9. Pix Art Photo Customized Cushion

    Thinking of something creative gift for her this Valentine's Day 2023? Go for a customized cushion cover with the best picture of yours together. This will be a great memory that she will cherish

    valentine week

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    forever. You can also add a special message along with pictures. The cover material is poly cotton and the filler of poly fiber. Customized cushions are the ideal gift to celebrate the day of love.  Customized Cushion Price: Rs 302.

    10. My Chocolate Dark Chocolates

    There is no hard rule that you can gift chocolates only on chocolate day but you can gift this on the entire Valentine Week 2023 along with another gift. This heart shape of dark chocolates is the ideal

    valentine week

    Check Here

    approach to mark the beginning of your relationship. Infused with rich cream and butterscotch she will love the taste. Gift her this box along with a sweet note. Chocolate Price: Rs 399.

    IFB 20 L Convection Microwave Oven


    Make Valentine's Day 2023 even more special by gifting your wife this microwave oven. This will make her cooking chores easy. The capacity of this oven is 20 liters and comes with a number of


    valentine week

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    programs. For safety, this kitchen appliance comes with child lock features.  Microwave Oven Price: Rs 10,790.


    FAQ: Valentine Week 2023

    1. What are the 7 days of Valentine's Day?

    The 7 days of Valentine week 2023 are- Rose Day, Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Kiss Day, Hug Day, and then Valentine's Day!

    2. Is Valentine's Day for lovers only?

    Many people think that this day is only for couples. However, Valentine's Day can be for anyone whom you love - siblings, friends, family, etc.

    3. What is a great Valentine gift for her? 

    Valentine gift for her can be anything from electronics to apparel and handbags. The gift depends on her choice and preference.

    4. What are some Valentine's quotes?

    • "Your flaws are perfect for the heart that’s meant to love you.”
    • "Take my hand, take my whole life too, but I can't help falling in love with you."
    • "I may not say much when I am with you, but all of me loves you all the time"

    5. When is Rose Day?

    Rose Day falls on the first day of Valentine Week ie 7th Feb

    6. When are teddy day and chocolate day?

    Teddy day is on 10th Feb and chocolate day is on 9th Feb.

    7. Why is Valentine's Day celebrated?

    Valentine's Day is celebrated to express our love and emotions to our loved ones with whom we share a special bond.

    8. Is it necessary to celebrate the whole Valentine Week 2023?

    The celebration of Valentine Week 2023 depends upon you and your partners. Many youngsters celebrate the whole week of love and many prefer the celebration of 14th Feb.


    9. Can a married couple celebrate Valentine's Day?

    Yes, everyone can celebrate Valentine's Day be it friends, lovers, married couples, siblings,s and even our parents. 


    10. Can Valentines Day be celebrated among friends? 

    Yes, you can celebrate Valentine's Day with friends. However, it is not possible to celebrate the entire Valentine Week 2023 but you can have fun with them on 14th Feb.

    11. Can I gift chocolates for the entire Valentine week?

    Yes, you can gift chocolates to your partners during Valentine week. 

    12. What are the best gift ideas for my girlfriend?

    There are many gift ideas for your wife or girlfriend. However, to make Valentine's day memorable a customized coffee mug or cushion cover is the best gift for her. 

    Recent Update

    Feb 7, 2023: To make the Valentine Week 2023 a memorable one by surprising your partners with the best gift, we have added one more product. Hope this will be helpful in getting the right gift for your love.

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