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    10 Products For Wedding Season: Best Gift Ideas For Newlywed Couples

    10 Products For Wedding Season: This wedding season, give your loved ones something they wouldn't throw away. Try to give the perfect wedding wishes by gifting some useful products instead of buying banal presents that get exchanged or passed on to others. There are a few best and most useful gifts for married life wishes. Take a look!

    By Srishty Kumari
    Updated: Wed, 11 Jan 2023 03:08 PM (IST)
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    10 Products For Wedding Season: Best Gift Ideas For Newlywed Couples

    10 Products For Wedding Season: As wedding season is here and gifting someone something is not just a formality, it is a testament to how you feel about that person. And wedding wishes or gifts are the trickiest of all, especially when it's about your best friend or first gang mate or buddy cousin you grew up with. Because a thoughtful wedding gift to newlyweds is a way to shower them with congratulations and best married life wishes. This means that you should think twice and make an effort when shopping for married life wishes. 

    However, only a few have the time to spend so much time on choosing the best wedding gift. With the wedding season here, we have listed some combo products for wedding gift ideas below to use as inspiration when choosing the ideal wedding wishes for the bride and groom.

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    10 Products For Wedding Season: Popular Picks


    Products For Wedding Season Price In India
     Whirlpool 190 L 3 Star Single Door Refrigerator  Rs 13,990
     Samsung 8.0 kg / 6.0 kg Fully-Automatic Washer Dryer  Rs 52,400
     Sony Bravia 55 inches Google TV  Rs 84,990
     Philips Handheld Garment Steamer  Rs 4,139
     Larah by Borosil Opalware Dinner Set  Rs 1,699
     Indian Art Villa Pure Copper Drinkware  Rs 1,195
     Home Centre 5 Seater Sofa Set  Rs 28,498
     KAMILIANT by AMERICAN TOURISTER Suitcase Combo  Rs 7,499
     voltas Inverter Split Air Conditioner 1.5 Ton  Rs 37,490
     Home Centre 4-Seater Dining Table  Rs 15,997

    If you are still confused about the type of gifts you should buy this wedding season, then check out shortlisted wedding gifts, where we spill the beans on some of the finest appliances and some useful things from the huge range of products. 

    1. Whirlpool 190 L 3 Star Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator - 9% off

    Refrigerators are as useful in all seasons and can be the best choice for wedding wishes. Fridges come in various capacities and from many brands, you can opt according to your wedding gift budget. 

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    Whirlpool Refrigerators can stably operate even in high fluctuations of voltage (130V-300V) and do not require a separate stabilizer. Their easy-to-clean removable airtight gasket keeps the door liner clean and your food hygienic for longer periods. Whirlpool Refrigerator Price: Rs 13,990

    1. Samsung 8.0 kg / 6.0 kg Fully-Automatic Washer Dryer - 13% off

    During the wedding season, if are the closest member of the groom or bride, you can gift a washing machine. It can be the best choice for married life wishes as they are going to start their new journey. 

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    This washer dryer from Samsung is a fully-automatic front load washer dryer with artificial intelligence, eco bubble, and Wi-Fi functionality. It has the best wash quality, energy, and water efficiency. Samsung Washer Dryer Price: Rs 52,400

    1. Sony Bravia 55 inches 4K Ultra HD Smart LED Google TV - 39% off

    Television is the most loveable wedding gift for both the groom and bride. And a Sony Google TV is the top name in this list which comes with over a billion colors & giant gaming machine. 

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    This 55-inch sony TV has 4 HDMI ports to connect a set-top box, Blu-Ray players, and gaming console, and 2 USB ports to connect hard drives and other USB devices. Sony TV Price: Rs 84,990

    1. Philips Handheld Garment Steamer - 25% off

    In the wedding season if you are looking for something useful but in an affordable price range. A garment steamer can be the best pick for wedding wishes. These steamers are lightweight and their a compact design with a detachable water tank, brush attachment, and safety glove for convenient use. 

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    Philips steamer is perfect to iron your garments and comes with a 2.5mm cord for longer reach continuous steam kills 99.99% of bacteria, confidently refreshing for a second wear. Philips Iron Steamer Price: Rs 4,139. 

    1. Larah by Borosil Blue Eve Silk Series Opalware Dinner Set - 53% off

    If your wedding gift budget is low you can buy this stylish and affordable dinner set from the brand Larah. Which is the most famous brand for grocery sets. 

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    Crockery sets are evergreen options for married life wishes. These stylish dinner sets are coming in 35 pieces with thermal resistance, reducing the chances of cracking while microwaving. Larah by Borosil Dinner Set Price: Rs 1,699

    1. Indian Art Villa Pure Copper Drinkware - 49% off

    This copper drinkware is also the best choice for a wedding gift in a budget-friendly range. 

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    Indian Art Villa Pure Copper Drinkware is watertight with a seal that keeps the water out even when the bottle is upside down. These cool copper drinking bottles with glasses set make excellent gifts for wedding wishes. Indian Art Villa Copper Drinkware Price: Rs 1,195

    1. Home Centre Emily Fabric 5 Seater Sectional Sofa Set - 63% off

    A sofa set is the most elegant piece for a home, so this wedding season you can gift this to your loved one. Consider this sofa set for wedding wishes is the best finest choice. This sofa set from Home Center is made of Pinewood with a great deal of stiffness and resistance to shock, thereby, making it easy to work with. 

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    It’s lighter with a smooth finish, ensuring consistency and an aesthetic good look that makes the furniture lightweight for easy portability. Home Centre Sofa Set Price: Rs 28,498

    1. KAMILIANT by AMERICAN TOURISTER Suitcase Combo - 68% off

    A suitcase is a must-have product for the wedding season, especially for brides who have to carry lots of things at the time of bidai. So, gifting a suitcase set for a wedding is never going to be useless. 

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    The American Tourister suitcase set is the best choice for married life wishes. This suitcase set comes with polyester outer material and wine red color. These bags have 2 compartments for storage, 4 wheels, multiple front pockets for quick access, and for extra safety, 3 digit number locks are provided by the brand. AMERICAN TOURISTER Suitcase Price: Rs 7,499

    1. Voltas Inverter Split Air Conditioner 1.5 Ton - 49% off

    This wedding season, you can choose an air conditioner as a wedding gift for your loved ones. Voltas 1.5 Ton air conditioner comes with an inverter compressor that has variable tonnage technology for faster cooling and higher energy savings. 

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    Higher Airflow Volume allows cool air to reach all corners making it more effective in high temperatures. Voltas 1.5 Ton AC Price: Rs 37,490

    1. Home Centre Diana Beechwood Veneer Finish 4-Seater Dining Table -60% off

    A dining table can be the finest choice for a wedding gift. For this wedding, you can buy a Home Center dining table for your loved one to make your gift choice memorable. 

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    Their dining bench is made of a solid beech frame & upholstered cushion seat. Moreover, the veneer finish not only contributes to the aesthetic value of the product but also protects it from splintering or warping. Home Centre Dining Table Price: Rs 15,997

    FAQs: Wedding Season Products


    1. What is wedding season in India?

    Generally, there're thousands of Indian weddings every year in India. Wedding season in India lie between October and December along with the range between January and March.

    2. Which month is best to get married in India?

    Talking of wedding season, October is considered as one of the most ideal months to get married in India as this marks the beginging of the wedding season.

    3. What's the cheapest month to get married?

    March is considered as the best month to get married owing to the lower venue fees. The most costliest month to get married would be between April and May. 

    4. Is December a good month to get married?

    Even though the cold weather in December is not ideal for wedding functions, people just love to get married during this month. If you want your wedding to be cozy and a day to remember, December is one of the best month of the wedding season.

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