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    Best Epilator For Hair Removal: No More Long Hair Over Your Face And Body

    Best Epilator For Hair Removal: Are you tired from waxing, shaving, and trimming for hair removal? Then you should go with the updated technology epilator. Epilation is a root-hair removal and can be more convenient because you don't need to wait for your hair to re-grow. Take a look!

    By Srishty Kumari
    Updated: Fri, 02 Dec 2022 07:47 PM (IST)
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    Best Epilator For Hair Removal: No More Long Hair Over Your Face And Body

    Best Epilator For Hair Removal: Shaving, waxing, and plucking may be the most common hair removal methods, but they aren't the only options. Ever you heard of Epilator? If not, listen up. An epilator is a super-powerful, electronically powered version of plucking in a small device. This epilator rotates tweezers on a spinning wheel to grab multiple hairs and pull them out from the root.

    The benefit of having this epilator for grooming mean, you'll be able to remove the shorter hairs that waxing might not be able to reach, which means smoother skin. And now, if you are thinking to buy this smart hair removal device then our compiled list is going to make your decision easier. These epilators for women are picked from a brand like Philips, Havells, and more.

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    Best Epilator For Hair Removal: Top Choices

    Below you will find some of the reliable options for epilators to groom every part of your body and skin. 

    Philips Cordless Epilator - 18% off

    Philips Epilator Series 8000 boasts powerful yet gentle epilation for smooth skin that can free your mind for up to 4 weeks.

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    This Epilator for hair removal has an extra-wide epilator head with ceramic tweezers that covers more skin with every stroke so you can achieve smoothness on your body or skin. Philips Epilator Price: Rs 5,745

    Braun Silk-Epil 9 9-720 Epilator for Women - 20% off

    Braun epilator for women with a wide, pivoting head, for easier and more efficient hair removal that give you added options for sensitive areas.

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    This epilator is 100% waterproof, which means you can epilate in the bath or shower for a painless experience. This Braun epilator is designed for the most perfect lines with the bikini styler and precision trimming at your fingertips. Braun Epilator Price: Rs 6,020

    Havells FD5000 Lady Facial Hair Remover - 26% off

    Havells epilator for hair removal is the perfect tool for an easy and painless way to get rid of your unwanted facial hair. 

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    Using this epilator is safe for all skin types and tones, working great on your upper and lower lip, cheeks, chin, and neck. It can be used in both wet and dry modes with a mirror in the cap that increases the convenience of usage at any time & anywhere. Havells Epilator Price: Rs 1,099

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    Braun Silk epil 3-170, Epilator - 15% off

    The Silk Epil 3 by Braun epilator gently removes hair at the root to give you long-lasting results.

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    This epilator for women is a great choice for beginners and massage rollers stimulate the skin for gentle epilation. It comes with 2-speed settings, speed 1 for extra gentle epilation, and speed 2 for extra efficient epilation. Braun Epilator Price: Rs 2,396

    Philips BRE245/00 Corded Compact Epilator - 11% off

    Philips epilator for women has 2-speed settings to grab thinner and thicker hairs for a more personalized hair removal treatment.

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    This Philips epilator is coming with an additional shaving head and comb for a close shave and more gentle hair removal in different body areas. This epilator is 100% waterproof which means you can use this epilator while bathing to experience painless hair removal. Philips Epilator Price: Rs 3,111

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